An 1850's Medicine Man & Astrologer

Cincinnati December 4 1856
Mr. D.A. Gibbs

Dear Sir!

I received your favour of __?___ and noticed your remarks; At the same time I made an exact Astronomical and Astrological Calculation, by which I am glad to percieve that certain remedies in Conjunction with my Conjuration power will effect a perfect and permannent Cure on You within 3 months and will be without fail as such calculation never permits a mistake, my fee will be $30.00 but if not possible for you at present to remit this whole amount at once You may send $15.00 for the first and I will await the remainder till Your convinience allows it.

I have cured in many cases of similar disease as Yours and met with the greatest success in over Thousands Cases of various diseases, some of long standing and of the best Physicians being pronounced as incurable those after sending away _?__ to be able to Cure them, and after having tried all kind of remedies Came to me, and saw themselves cured in a much shorter time than they expected; This can be proved by Thousands of Certificates detected in a practis of over Twenty Years, and which are now laying at my Office to inspecting of those who still seem to doubt.

At the same time I will inform You that my fee for drawing a Nativety is for a Lady $3.00 and for a Gentleman $5.00 on receiving a remittance of either of the above mentioned fees from a Lady or Gentleman, as the case may be, I will cast the Nativety of the party and forward it without delay.

Of the 36,000 Nativeties I have cast during my recidence in this Country not one has failed in its predictions or omitted to give entire Satisfaction. Each one gives the luck and unfortunate days, months, and years in the life of the person for whom it is drawn or prepared, and as forwarned is, Misfortunes which might otherwise occur at the unlucky periods are by due caution prevented. Thousands of thees have been saved trouble coils, which their destiny would have caused them to encounter, had not their eyes been unsealed to the future by the wonderful power of Astrology.

All that I require as a basis for a Nativity are the day, year and place of birth of the individual. I can allso by the power of Conjuration which has been transmitted to me through a line of Magicians and Astrologers for 200 years, discover the fortunate numbers in any lottery and cause any person to purchase a lucky ticket and obtain with certainty a handsome prize. My fees are proportunate to the amount which the person desires to draw, viz:

In relation to bets on elections and wagers or other events my power are excerised with success, nor is there any affaire of life in which my aid will not be found valuable. I have brought fortune to houndreds in the space of one year by exercising the unparralled faculty of Conjuration with which I an gifted by Nature and which I have improved by Twenty Years of assiduous Cultivations. I invite attention to this point from you and all who desire to be successful in business triumphant over their enemies and lucky in all their undertakings.

For further particulars I refer you to my Astrological Almanac & Copy of which I send you by this days mail.

If You should employ me for the Cure please inform me where and how to direct the Medecin I am to send that You will get it safe.

Respect. Yours,

Geo. Toback
171 Lycamon? street

This letter is submitted by Kay M. Sheppard from the Alton Warren Payne files. It had a beautiful cursive, easily-read handwriting with very few errors in spelling. I assume the letter was meant for David A. Gibbs as there is copy (in a different handwriting) of a voucher for $1.00 from "Davied Gibb" attached, although the dates do not coincide with the date of the letter.

[Recieved of Davied Gibb One Dollar in full of his Book Account date of 1861 & 1862 This May 28th 1866.]
/s/ J.D. Robinson]

There is a David A. Gibbs listed in In Memory Of by Martha Rebecca Swindell and R.S. Spencer, Jr. who lived within the time frame of this letter. He was born August 6, 1828 and died March 16, 1873. I personally have no knowledge whether this is the same D.A. Gibbs to whom this letter was written.

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