from John McGowan

A letter from Henry L. McGowan in Hyde County to Seth Fisher about the death of Seth's mother, and other neighbors.

Lake Comfort, Hyde Co.
March 2d, 76

Dear Seth:

On the 23d of Feby. I was made the happy recipetant of your favor of 14th and was exceedingly glad to hear something of your whereabouts and continued good health. Seth I must tell you the sad news that on Monday last (Feby. 27th) at 12 M. your mother breathed her last. She was taken at and died at John Warren’s while nursing Parly whose death was expected every day. but she is recovering now. Your Mother was sick about five days with the numonia which is so prevalent about here now.

Juniper Bay, Hyde Co.
March 2d , 75 [?]

She expressed her wishes several times to see you, I was informed, while she had her proper mind but her fever was so great she soon lost her mind and she remained so until death relieved her, and took her where we have not the last Shade of doubt - where peace and happiness reigns forevermore. Parly had a very severe attack of the same disease and she thought herself that she was going to die but she has so improved that her case is very likely. We have had three deaths on the Bay now within a week. Francis Emery was the first. She died about the

21st with the numonia in both her lungs and Mr. Anson Williamson’s little daughter was next who died with the same disease and Mr. Williamson is now at the point of death. he has the “Conjestion of the Brain” and I think his chance is very slim. Sickness is abounding here now there is someone sick in most every family. The reason assigned for so much sickness is due to the warm Winter which we have had and I think it is a very reasonable one. I will take another opportunity to give you the news of the neighborhood for I recon you will not care to listen to it at this time.

Seth, I hope you will be as consoled about the matter as the case will admit - for I greatly simpathise with you in this particular trouble. But reflect a moment - We all must die both Saint and Sinner and were I as well prepared as I think she was, I should feel a great deal better than I do and again we know our separation is only for a short while were we prepared to meet a frowning Hell and a Smiling Heaven. The rest of your folks are generally well. I have had a very bad cold myself which has made me quite sick but I feel better this morning.

Good bye dear Seth and Still remember you have the best wishes of

Yours Respectfully,
H. L. McGowan

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