A Little Fatherly Advice

This letter is submitted by Kay Midgett Sheppard with kind permission of James Emery Midyette of Engelhard, NC who is now in possession of said letter. This letter was passed down to Mr. James Emery Midyette from his father, Benjamin Jackson Midyette, Jr. (6 Feb. 1876—12 Nov. 1952), son of the author of this letter. This letter used no punctuation and very few capital letters.

Beaufort NC
Dec’r 16 1901

My Dear Son
I wrote you last week not to ship any corn this time by your cousin Bob thinking that you and Charlie would want to get yours off you spoke of coming to New Berne this time with him I hope you are all well and are geting a long nicely with one another I feel that you all will get warm to eatch other and do better in the future Dear Emery I did miss him so much when I was home I feel that he is gone to a better world the good Lord removed him from a world of sin to a world peace and happynes for some good perpus we can not see now but if we live right here in this world we shall no when we get to heaven you children are allways on my mind I am anccious for you all to live right and to do this you should try to keep out of bad company there has been a many a young man ruin by asociating with bad company I hope you can get a long with your afairs so you will not be commpelled to go in the oyster business but if you do go sho to those you are asociated with that you can resist the temtations that may be offerd to you by them May the good Lord help you to do right is my prayer My corn that I brought to New Bern com out 24 Bbls & 4 bus I hope their will be as much more? of mine? and Emmes I would like to have it shiped next trip by Bob If you see any one that is collecting taxes see what mine is and let me no I hope you have got the fences all clear by this time look out for the bridges in field when you burn the grass off and keep them from being burned up If I was in your place I would not buy furtilizer this spring you could just as well with stable manur _____ got your cotton picked I hope you have when you sell it let out by this time _________ you have sold all to me no how much what price and what gethers? and a _________ it I hope you have it cost to p_____ ___ bbls for the planks we had paid Walter G ______ this comes out of me for Emmes coffin and all of Emmes bills that one I want to pay __________ but I must pay his burial Just if I can ____ it I like to no what Hopkins exspences for fixing coffin I hope your Bill is for mas____ have paid Mr. ___________ back for __________ Much love to you all hopeing you all a prospers New year

Your devoted Father

B.J. Midyette

This letter was written to Benjamin Jackson Midyette, Jr. from his father, Benjamin Jackson Midyette, Sr. who was born 17 March 1833 in Hyde County and died 4 October 1902. Charles Thomas “Charlie” Midyette was born 22 Dec 1879 and died 17 June 1963 at Newbern in Craven County, N.C. “Dear Emery” in this letter was B.J. Midyette, Sr.’s youngest son, James Emery Midyette, who was born 11 March 1882 and died 6 November 1901, just 30 days prior to this letter being written. The mother of these 3 boys was Mary Eliza Boomer. “Cousin Bob” is Robert Smith Burrus, son of Robert Morris Burrus & Mourning Mariah Midyette, sister of Benjamin Jackson Midyette, Sr.

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