A Letter from Mother to Son

Middletown N.C.
May the 16 1889

My Dear Sun

I recived youre Most kind and wellcome letter and yos [was] glad to hear from you both wee are all well at this time and I hope these few lines may reach and find you the same injoying good health youre brothers and sisters is all weell as common and pemey? is a geting better she has got so she can set up in the house and tend to her baby the crops is vary [very] common this year the men is stil a plowing up the corn and a planting it over the a rite ___at stir about the white caps [reference to the Klu Klux Klan?] and negros I dont no of eny [any] thing to write that is vary imporent [important] to hear Annie White is over hear this week and she sed she has not for got you yet and she ses she yont [want] you to send her yon [one] of your pichers [pictures] and Adeline yonts [wants] you to ____ yont [want] yourn and Mollies boy Miss Mary Burns Nathan Onea_ is married pollie has not got married yet but she is just as fa__ [fair?] as she yos [was] when you yir [were] of homer? sens [sends] her love to you and she loves snuff as good as she ever did you Elrado sends her love to you both and she is nearly grone [grown]

I will bing [bring] My letter to a Close by saying write soon and let me hear from you

Peneopy Brooks writen by Annie L. White

Some of the people referred to in this letter are:

Penelope Swindell was born January 2, 1822 and died March 15, 1902. She was the daughter of Hardy Swindell and his wife Diana. She was first married to Samuel Sheldon Brooks on July 12, 1837. From this union were born the following children:

After the death of Samuel Sheldon Brooks in 1865 Penelope was married for the second time to her brother-in-law, Caleb Foreman Brooks on Dec. 10, 1867. Samuel Sheldon Brooks and his brother, Caleb Foreman Brooks were children of Rev. William Brooks, Sr. and Martha Foreman.

I believe Annie White who wrote this letter for Penelope was Annie Elizabeth Cozzens (Dec. 28. 1836 - Apr. 11, 1895) who married Joseph Henry White. I don't know who Miss Mary Burns & Nathan Onea_ [O'Neal] are.

This letter is submitted by Kay M. Sheppard from the Alton Warren Payne files. No punctuation was used in this letter and is written here as near to the original as possible.

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