from John B. McGowan

Letter from my Grandfather, Dorman S. McGowan (1874-1950) at school in New Bern, NC to his mother, Frances “Fannie” (Berry) McGowan (1852-1905), widow of James William McGowan (1846-1882), at Juniper Bay, Hyde Co., NC. He was staying with his uncle, John S. McGowan (1849-1918), while he attended school in New Bern, NC.

New Berne, N.C.
Nov. 14, 1889

Dear Mamam,

I was thinking that you would like to here from me. I am well at present and hope that you ar the same. Mamam, you wount to know what had I don with my money, my dollars. Books was about or more than $5. I am studing Manuel Geography & cost abot or more $1 & Dictionary 60 cents, speling Book 20 cents, Grammer a bout 40 cents, United States History 75 cents, fifth reader #1.15 & Arithmatic was I think was 75 cents, slate pencils 5 cents, Hym Book 10 cents and I paid 75 cents to go in the circus, but I think I am about don spending bying know and write smart other little things, fine too come & tooth brush, my souit of close cost $6 my sloes shoes cost I think it was $1.50 or $2, and I bougt little a long when I first come up here, few apples, but I quit bying any thing lik that know. Mamam, you think hard of me for spending a (___) (______) and candy. I dont by any know.

It tuck a write smart to get me start for school but I am a bout fixt if nothing happens. You ask where did I stand in my clas. I hav not ben to the foot yet. I genelly generally stand about third I reckon. I am in the fifth grade in the school. They ar 6 grades in the graded, the first is the loest, the sith 6 is the Hiest. I wonted to try and get threw with the graded school this year. Uncle John said he wreckon that I could go to the hyschool or pay school. So I will close by saying, write soon. to you loveing Sun

D. S. McGowan

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