Hyde County's
Revolutionary War Military Papers
(Portions found in the Alton Warren Payne Collection)

SOURCE: North Carolinian (Dec. 1960 issue; pgs. 753-758) Item entitled: Revolutionary War: Final Settlements
The introduction to this article states that in the NC Archives there can be found seven file boxes of loose papers labeled "Comptroller's Papers - Final Settlements" (Boxes 14-20). Many of the folders contain information on more than one individual. The bulk of the papers are dated in the early 1790's, with a few dated 1770's & 1780's. The soldiers and claimants are listed below (Hyde and surrounding counties only here). Widely varying amounts of data are given for each individual, and it is recommended that full copies of the original document be obtained in each and every instance. Places of residence were frequently changed, and many of the men had moved to other counties and other states by the time the final settlement was made. Also, many were deceased, the final settlement being made with their heirs.

SOURCE: Journal of N.C. Genealogy (March 1962 issue; pg. 933) Item entitled: N.C. Revolutionary Military Papers
Folder 59
    1815 - Hyde Co., NC - Dep. [Deposition] of Robert JENNETT, SR., re: Solomon JENNETT of Hyde Co. being heir of Solomon JENNETT, dec'd., Revolutionary War soldier 1818 - Hyde Co., NC - P. of A. [Power of Attorney] - Solomon JENNETT to John HUMPHREYS of Tenn. 274 acres issued to Solomon JENNETT, heir of Solomon JENNETT.

SOURCE: Journal of N.C. Genealogy (Fall 1964 Issue; pgs. 1342-1343) Item entitled: N.C. Revolutionary Military Papers
Folder 314
    1819 - White Co., Tenn. - Dep. [Deposition] of Barbery SWINDLE, only daughter and heir of Wm. HARRISON, soldier of NC, who had married her mother, Levina FARROW, about 1782 and died 1787, and her mother died about 7 July 1790 leaving the one child.

    1819- White Co., Tenn. - Dep. of John DUVAUL and Charles SMITH re: Barbery SWINDLE (daughter of Mrs. Levina FARROW) who married 15 Oct. 1797 (?) in Hide Co., N.C.

    1819 - P. of A. - Barbery SWINDEL and Thomas SWINDEL of White Co., Tenn., heirs of Wm. HARRISON, soldier, dec'd., to John J.S. RUFFIN of Raleigh. Petition to State Legislature of N.C. of Thos., & Barbery SWINDLE, re: Wm. HARRISON

    1819 - Smith Co., Tenn. - Affidavits of Benjamin WATTERS and Charles SMITH of White Co. re: Wm. HARRISON and Barbarey SWINDLE.

    1820 - 640 acres issued to heirs of Wm. HARRISON

Folder 322; Pg. 354
    1820 - Warrants issued to heirs of the following Rev. War soldiers: Among those listed were: Wm. BOOMER, private - 274 acres

    1820 - P. of A. - Isaac SAWYER, Henry GIBBS, and Thomas HARRISS of Hide Co., N.C. (heirs of Wm. BOOMER, soldier), to Darling & Eli CHERRY (Edgecombe Co.?)

    1820 - Hide Co., N.C. - Affidavit of John SADLER re: heirs of Wm. BOOMER

SOURCE: Sumner Co., TN Deed Book A, pg. 4  (Under remarks is Mecklenburg Co, 1797)
No. 396  - Heirs of William Boomer, a private in the N.C. State Line; 274 acres within the limits of land reserved for officers and soldiers of the N.C. Cont. Line, issued 3 Aug 1820.  A transfer dated 20 July 1820 stated that Isaac Sawyer, Henry and Nella Gibbs, Thomas Harris and Tabby Harris of Hide Co, N.C., the only heir of William Boomer, a cont. soldier of the Rev. War in the N.C. Line, sell the warrant to Laurence Cherry, William Harrell, Peledey (Peledge?) Harris and Francis Harper.

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