Sgt. Frank Roberts, "Sergt.Bob", 1st NC Colored Volunteers,
a native of Elizabeth City, NC
Drawing from the Fred W. Smith, Jr. Civil War Sketch Book
From the Collection of Tryon Palace Historic Sites & Gardens

The NC-US Colored Troops Project

The NC-USCT Project is a volunteer, non-profit project. The data on the soldiers of the five US Colored Troop regiments formed in North Carolina is being transcribed company by company by our volunteer researchers. It is being posted to the regimental roster as each company is completed. An index has been added for your convenience. We hope to have all the data online as soon as possible, but until then, please be patient. If you would like to volunteer and join with us in this worthwhile project, please let me know. John B. McGowan.


1st NC Colored Infantry / 35th US Colored Infantry

2nd NC Colored Infantry / 36th US Colored Infantry

3rd NC Colored Infantry / 37th US Colored Infantry
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1st NC Colored Heavy Artillery / 14th US Colored Heavy Artillery

135th US Colored Infantry (Roster of soldiers from North Carolina)

African Americans in the U. S. Navy from North Carolina

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Regimental Service Records

Pension Records

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