Hyde County Roll of Honor

This page is dedicated to Hyde County's servicemen and women who were killed in action during wartime in the 20th century. This includes the soldiers of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard who died in World War I, World War II, Korea and Viet Nam. To this I would like to add the Merchant Marine, often overlooked for their service to our country. I would also like to expand this dedication to include those soldiers and sailors who fell in wars in the past centuries, i.e. the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War, both Union and Confederate soldiers from Hyde County. In order to do so, we need your assistance to make this data accurate and complete. If you have information on any veteran from Hyde County who were Killed in Action from any of our country's wars, please contact me. Any information you have will contribute to honoring Hyde County's Veterans.

WORLD WAR I (1916-1918)

Soldier's Name Residence Branch of
Date of Death Remarks
Beckwith, Robert Nathaniel (1895-1918) Lake Landing U. S. Army Oct. 26, 1918 Sergeant, Co. A, 534th Engineers
Holloway, John Swan Quarter      
Neal, Dave S. (1894-1918) Fairfield U. S. Army Oct. 29, 1918 Died at Camp Valdahom, France
Payne, Hugh Becton (1894-1919) Lake Landing   March 1, 1919 Died at Mazoy, Germany
Sadler, Thomas Milton Fairfield U. S. Army Sept. 30, 1918 Pvt. 120 Inf., 30th Div.; Died in France
Simpson, Samuel Junius? Fairfield      
Spencer, Ralph S. Fairfield U. S. Army Oct. 10, 1918 Co. M 120th Inf.; 20th Div.; AEF
Watson, John Dancy (1899-1918) Engelhard   Sept. 1, 1918 Died at Flanders, Belgium
Company K, 120th Infantry, 30th Division

WORLD WAR II (1941-1945)

Soldier's Name Residence Branch of
Date of Death Remarks
Baum, Edward T. (1926-1944) Fairfield U. S. Navy Nov. 14, 1944 Seaman 1st Class; Killed in Dutch New Guinea
Beckwith, Harold   U. S. Army   TEC4
Berry, Shelton (1918-1944)   U. S. Army May 16, 1944 Private 1st Class, Killed in Action
Burrus, Romulus V.   U. S. Army   Private 1st Class; Killed in Action
Carawan, James C.   U. S. Army Sept. 2, 1944 Sergeant; 5th Ranger Battalion; Killed in Action in Brittany, France; Awarded the Purple Heart
Cockrell, Forrest E.   U. S. Army   Private 1st Class; Killed in Action
Cox, Clarence E.   U. S. Army   Staff Sergeant
Gaskins, William Joseph III (1920-1945)   U. S. Army April 30, 1945 T/5, 5th Head Quarters Company;18th Division
Gibbs, Arthur Woodrow   U. S. Army Sept. 25, 1944 Private; Medical Dept.; Killed in Action
Gibbs, Nathan   U. S. Army   Private 1st Class
Gibbs, Paris W.   U. S. Navy   Buried at Sea
Harris, Frank W.   U. S. Army Feb. 8, 1945 Private; 21st Inf. Battalion; 11th Armored Division; Killed in Action in Belgium
Lupton, Charlie R. Jr. (1921-1944)   U. S. Army Air Corps Aug. 6, 1944 Sergeant, 859th Boomer Squadron in
England; Killed on Aug. 6, 1944 while
serving as a turret gunner on a B-24
when returning from a mission over
enemy territory
Marshall, Charles Henry (1921-1945)   U. S. Army Feb. 27, 1945 Field Artillery; Died in Germany
McKinney, Edward Horace (1920-1943)   U. S. Army Feb. 23, 1943 Corporal
McKinney, Sherrill   U. S. Navy . Buried at Sea
Sheridan, Dennis P. Jr.   U. S. Army c1945 1st Lieutenant JG; Quartermaster Corps; POW in Japan; Died during transportation from Olongapo to San Fernando, Philippine Islands
Swindell, Thurman Randolph (1919-1942) Engelhard U. S. Navy June 4, 1942 Aviation Machinist Mate 1st Class;
Killed during the Battle of Midway

KOREAN WAR (1950-1953)

Soldier's Name Residence Branch of Service Date of Death


Jennette, Delbert G. (1929-1950)   U. S. Army Aug. 10, 1950 5th Infantry Regiment; Killed in Action

VIET NAM WAR (1964-1975)

Soldier's Name Residence Rank Branch of Service Date of Death Remarks
Cahoon, Morgan Lane (1950-1970) Fairfield Private 1st Class U. S. Army Feb. 11, 1970 101st Airborne Division Killed in
Action during artillery or mortar
attack in Thua Thien Province
Cutrell, Nickey Wade (1946-1969) Engelhard Sergeant U. S. Army Feb. 11, 1970 1st Signal Brigade; Died in vehicle
crash, Binh Duong Province
Keyes, Arnell (1944-1966) Swan Quarter Private First Class U. S. Army Mar. 4, 1966 101st Airborne Division Killed in Action by small arms fire
Sawyer, Donald Sherwood (1949-1969) Scranton Private 1st Class U. S. Marines Apr. 11, 1969 Killed in Action from multiple
fragmentation wounds. Quang Tri Province
Spotanske, Serge Walter (1947-1968) Swan Quarter Corporal U. S. Marines Dec. 6, 1968 Killed in Action by small arms fire. Quang Nam Province

Researched by Cecil L. Lewis and John B. McGowan

Copyright 2005

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