WAR OF 1812

Muster Roll Of The Detached Militia - Organized Apr., 1812

General Officers

Brown, Thomas - Major General
Davis, Thomas - Brigadier General

Second Regiment
(Detached From The 2nd, 12th And 3rd Brigades)


Burton, Simon - Lieutenant Colonel
Tisdale, Nathan - First Major
Lillington, John A. - Second M

First Company
( From Hyde Regiment


Rew, Beverly - Captain
Bell, Joshua - Lieutenant
Cheves, James - Ensign


Banks, William
Berry, William
Bunn, Benjamin
Bunn, William
Caffee, Jacob
Carrow, Jordan
Casons, William
Cahoon, William
Daniels, Clement
Daniels, James
Daniels, Shadrick
Daniels, Thomas
Davis, Winfield
Flinn, Enoch, Jr.
Foddree, Hugh
Fortiscue, John
Fortiscue, John Russell
Freeman, Joshua
Fuller, Edward
Hall, Jeremiah
Henderson, Selden
Hopkins, Robert
Jennett, Robert
Jones, Maurice
Matison, Christopher
Midyett, Richard
Muse, Joshua
O'Neale, Levi
Owens, James
Peartree, John
Sanderson, Joy
Sawyer, Zephaniah
Selby, Burrige
Simons, Thomas
Slade, Benjamin
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Jasper
Spencer, Selby
Thornton, Solomon
Warner, Jeremiah
Wilkinson, Oden
Windley, Moses
Winfield, John
Winfield, Thomas

Muster Roll Of The Detached Militia, Organized August 1814

General Officers

Stokes, Montfort - Major General
Slade, Jeremiah - Brigadier General
Pearson, Jesse A. - Brigadier Ge

Second Regiment
(Washington, Tyrell, Hyde, Beaufort, Craven, Carteret, Jones,
Lenoir, Greene, Pitt, Martin, Edgecombe And Wayne Counties)


Burton, Simon - Lt. Colonel
Tisdale, Nathan - Lt. Colonel
Blount, Thomas H. - First Major
Clark, James W. - Second Major

Hyde County Company


Jordan, Seth B. - Captain
Windley, Wyriott - Lieutenant
Gaskins, Christopher - Ensign


Allen, John
Barnett, Robert
Barrow, William
Bishop, Zachariah
Blount, Henry
Blount, Lewis
Brinn, Benjamin
Clark, Henry
Cohoon, Alexander
Cohoon, William
Daniels, Clement
Daniels, Morris
Daniels, Thomas
Davis, Martin
Delow, Henry
Dixon, Franklin
Dixon, John
Easter, Solomon
Easter, William, Jr.
Easter, William, Sr.
Eborn, William
English, Matthew
Gaylord, John
Gibbs, Bartee
Gibbs, David
Gibbs, Samuel, Sr.
Gibbs, Stephen
Gibbs, Washington
Hall, Jeremiah
Harris, Josiah
Harris, Robert
Harvey, Nathan
Henry, Israel
Hobbs, Henry
Hooten, William
Hopkins, Robert
James, John
Jordan, Richard
Kipps, Zachariah
Knox, Josiah
Lewis, Uriah
Loyd, James
Mason, Thomas
Mason, Thomas
Meekins, William
Midgett, Sparrow
Mooney, Elias
Moore, Thomas
Moore, Thomas
O'Neal, Asa
Owens, Stephen
Paine, David
Parmarle, Timothy
Peckham, Mouncen
Robins, Enoch
Rose, Edward
Sadler, Richard
Sanderson, Thomas
Sawyer, Wilson
Seabrook, Daniel
Selby, Samuel
Shavener, John
Silverthorn, John
Slade, Valentine
Smedick, Mark
Spencer, Frisby
Spencer, Selby
Spencer, William B.
Swindell, John
Swindell, Zedekiah
Tetterton, William
Tooley, Jeremiah
Tooley, Sheldon
Turner, Benjamin
Tyson, Hosea
Wilkinson, Zachariah
Williamson, Samuel
Windley, Moses

Source: Published In Pursuance Of The Resolutions Of The General Assembly Of January 21, 1851, Under The Direction Of The Adjutant General.

Hyde County History, A Hyde County Bicentennial Project; by Hyde County Historical Society, 1978; Pp. 72-73.

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