Early Carawan Records

in the Old World & in the New World


"The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775" by Peter Wilson Coldham, page 138 and indexes: Fact:

February 1700:

CARAWIN, William - Reprieved for transportation.

From Leichestershire [ England ? ].

This says to me that some gentleman from Leichestershire was released on condition that he would go to The Colonies. The Colonies is a very broad term and there is no proof that William ever got to the ship that was to transport him. Kitty Humphries - Contributed, February, 1999.


"Maryland Marriages, 1634 - 1777," page 29 and indexes. Fact:

Richard CARRAVAN either married or took out bonds to marry Eliza WILLIAMS,

1 January 1723,

St. Peters Parish, Talbot County, Maryland.

This book in the Heritage Room, the Regional Library, New Bern, NC. C.W. Carawan, Jr. Contributed February, 1999.

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