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Bullen, Ripley P.

Coe, Joffre L.

Coe, Joffre L., and Ernest Lewis

Evans, Clifford

Fairbanks, Charles H.

Flannery, Regina

Griffin, James B.

Griffin, James B. and William H. Sears

Haag, William G.

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Harrington, J. C.

Hodge, F. W.

Holland, C. G.

Lawson, John

Milling, Chapman J.

Mook, Maurice Allison

Porter, Charles W.. III

Quinn, David Beers

Schmitt, Karl

Sears, William H., and James B. Griffin

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Speck, Frank

Swanton, John R.

Webb, William S., and William G. Haag

Williams, Talcott

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