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1930 Hyde Co., North Carolina Census

The 1930 US Federal Census was made available to the public on April 1, 2002. However, only ten states and portions of two others have been indexed on microfilm (using the Soundex system). These ten states are: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee & Virginia.  For further reading on the 1930 census in perspective go to the National Archives and Records Administrations (NARA) website.

32 questions were asked on the 1930 census including 4 that were new (marked with asterisks).  For this census I only used those questions highlighted in red.  For the most part the handwriting was excellent in all 11 districts so I had very little trouble deciphering names or ages, however, since I typed close to 9000 names alone there is a likelihood that there are errors present and for those, I apologize.  If you see something that is blatantly wrong please bring my attention to it by dropping me a note by e-mail.

In most instances there was a letter "H" beside the word 'wife' (or in some cases beside the eldest daughter) which indicated she was a homemaker.  I did not include this "H" in this census.  Sometimes the letters "AB" were written  beside a person's name which indicated they were absent when the enumerator made his visit.... perhaps they were away at school or had a job that required them to be away from home for a good portion of the time.  I did include these letters in the census when found and highlighted them in red.

There were 11 Districts in the 1930 Hyde County Census

Below is a table with links to each page in the 1930 census. I also developed a small index (not full name) so it would be easier for you to find the surnames of interest. Just look on the index below, find the surname you are interested in, then click on the corresponding link to that particular page. REMEMBER - there may be more than one instance of a surname on a page.

Links to Census Pages
Dist. #1 - Currituck Twp. (North Part)

185A 185B 186A 186B


187B 188A

Dist. #2 - Currituck Twp. (South Part)

189A 189B 190A 190B 191A 191B 192A 192B 193A 193B 194A
194B 195A 195B 196A 196B 197A 197B 198A 198B 199A 199B
200A 200B 201A 201B 202A 202B 203A 203B 204A

Dist. #3 - Hyde County Training School (Colored)


Dist. #4 - Fairfield Twp.

206A 206B 207A 207B 208A 208B 209A 209B 210A 210B 211A 211B
212A 212B 213A 213B 214A 214B 215A 215B 216A 216B 217A

Dist. #5 - Lake Landing Twp. (West Part)

218A 218B 219A 219B 220A 220B

Dist. #6 - Lake Landing Twp. (Southeast Part)

221A 221B 222A 222B 223A 223B 224A 224B 225A 225B 226A
226B 227A 227B 228A 228B 229A 229B 230A 230B 231A 231B
232A 232B 233A 233B 234A 234B 235A 235B 236A 236B 237A
237B 238A 238B 239A 239B 240A 240B 241A 241B 242A

Dist. #7 - Lake Landing Twp. (Northeast Part)

243A 243B 244A 244B 245A 245B 246A 246B
247A 247B 248A 248B 249A 249B 250A 250B

Dist. #8 - Mattamuskeet Twp.

251A 251B

Dist. #9 - Ocracoke Twp.

252A 252B 253A 253B 254A 254B 255A 255B
256A 256B 257A 258A 259A

Dist. #10 - Swan Quarter Town

260A 260B 261A 261B 262A 263A

Dist. #11 - Swan Quarter Twp. (excluding SQ Town)

264A 264B 265A 265B 266A 266B 267A 267B 268A 268B 269A
269B 270A 270B 271A 271B 272A 272B 273A 273B 274A 274B
275A 275B 276A 276B 277A 277B 278A 278B 279A

Surname Index


Abernathy - 251B
Achiss - 246A
Adams - 186A, 204A, 228A, 234A, 235A, 274A
Ainsly - 186A
Alcox - 203A, 267A
Alexander - 210A
Allen - 185B
Alligood - 204A
Angle [Angell] - 254B
Armstrong - 187A, 187B, 214B, 215A, 215B, 245B, 246A
Austin - 253B, 254A, 258A
Ayers - 246B


Babb - 259A
Balance - 257A
Ball - 192B, 278B
Ballance - 214A, 215A, 216A, 228A, 228B, 230A, 230B, 239B, 243B, 252B, 255A, 260A, 261B, 264A
Balle - 272A
Barber - 201A, 219B, 220A, 223A, 228B, 229A, 234A, 234B, 235A
Barnett - 259A
Barrow - 190A, 190B, 195A, 195B, 198B, 199A, 203B, 204A, 208A, 222A
Basnight - 210B
Baum - 185A, 211B, 215A, 215B, 268A, 273A
Baynor - 187A
Beckwith - 226A, 229B
Bell - 191B, 193B, 194A, 220B, 252B, 261B. 271B
Benson - 203B, 218B, 219A, 219B, 221B, 222B, 242A, 261B, 265A, 269B
Benston - 218A, 228A, 234A, 235A
Berry - 189B, 197A, 215A, 215B, 216A, 219B, 220A, 222B, 223B, 230B, 239A, 241B, 243A, 243B, 246A, 260A, 260B, 261A, 273B, 275A, 275B
Billups - 235A
Bishop - 187A, 202B, 268A
Blackwell - 197B
Blake - 209A, 210A, 210B, 211A, 211B, 212A, 215A, 215B, 273B, 276A, 276B
Blanchie - 232B
Bllone? - 246B
Blount - 202, 223B, 225B, 227A, 230A, 274B, 275A, 275B, 277A, 278B
Blunt - 219A, 224A
Bond - 251B
Bonner - 268A, 268B, 277B, 278A
Boomer - 219A, 219B, 224A, 225B, 226A, 228B, 264A, 274B, 278A
Borrell -251A
Bouding  - 241B
Bowden - 244A
Bowen - 203A
Boyd - 191B
Bragg - 252B, 253B, 254A
Branch - 191B
Brandenburg - 235B
Brantly - 247A
Brickhouse - 200B, 212A, 215B
Bridgeman - 198A
Bridgman - 224A, 241B, 266B, 267A, 272B, 273B
Bright - 251B
Brimage - 199A, 200A, 265B, 269A, 274A
Brinkley - 205A, 267B, 268A
Brinn - 189B, 190A, 193A, 193B, 201B, 241A, 244A, 248B, 261B, 279A
Brinson - 188A
Brooks - 225A, 226A, 230B
Brown - 191B, 192B, 196A, 202A, 210B, 235A, 237A, 238B, 239B, 240B, 241A, 248A, 252A, 260A, 271B, 272A, 273A
Bryant - 236B, 238A, 239B, 241B, 242A, 243A, 244A, 254A
Bunch - 195B
Burl - 191B
Burrus - 192A, 193B, 200A, 201A, 201B, 207A, 208A, 209B, 211B, 212A, 212B, 213A, 213B, 216B, 233A, 237B, 238A, 238B, 239A, 253A
Buruss - 228A
Byrd - 246B


Caboose - 274B
Cahoon - 187B, 188A, 206B, 218B, 220A, 224A, 236A, 243B, 245B, 249B, 266A, 267A, 270A, 273B, 274B, 275A, 277A, 278A
Calahan - 251B
Camp - 211B
Campbell - 194B, 200B
Canaday - 244A
Canady - 251B
Capps - 262A
Carawan - 196A, 196B, 197B, 203B, 214B, 221B, 230A, 230B, 261A, 266A, 267A, 270B, 271A, 272B, 273A, 274B, 277B
Carney - 275A
Carrell - 234A
Carrow - 198B
Carter - 192A, 192B, 195B, 210B, 208A, 212B, 214A, 216A, 217A, 237B, 238B
Cartright - 220A
Cartwright - 211B
Chadwick - 191A, 211B, 266A
Chamblee - 269B
Chance - 213B
Charity - 246B
Chase - 268B, 274A
Cheery - 261B
Cherry - 261B
Chestnut - 191B
Clark - 185B, 189B, 191A, 191B, 194B, 199B, 202A, 260B, 269A
Clarke - 240A, 242A
Clayton - 185B, 186A, 186B, 207A, 215B, 241A
Cline - 251B
Clinton - 206B
Cohoon - 228B
Cole - 191B
Collins - 187A, 208B, 209B, 211A, 211B, 212A, 213B, 221B, 232A, 234A, 234B, 235A, 237A, 239B, 241B, 242A, 243A, 264A, 269B, 278A
Cook - 251A
Cooper - 192A, 218A, 218B, 219A, 219B
Cope - 251B
Coval - 189A, 194B, 196A
Covil - 270A
Cowan - 270A
Cox - 190A, 190B, 209A, 212A, 218B, 233A, 235B, 236A, 237B, 240A, 240B, 241A, 241B, 245B, 275A
Credle - 187A, 190A, 190B, 193A, 193B, 194A, 194B, 195B, 196A, 196B, 198A, 199B, 200A, 200B, 201A, 203B, 204A, 206B, 207B, 209B, 218A, 219A, 221A, 223A, 261A, 261B, 262A, 264A, 265A, 265B, 266A, 266B, 267Am 269A, 269B, 273A, 274A
Crotts - 251B
Cullipher - 203A, 204A
Currie - 211A
Cuthrell - 194B, 211A, 217A, 224A, 228B, 233A, 247B, 262A, 269A, 271A
Cutrell - 206B, 209A, 209B, 210A, 212A, 212B, 214B, 216B, 217A, 229A


Daniel - 278B
Daniels - 194A, 197B, 208B, 209A, 210B, 211B, 214A
Davenport - 206A
Davidson - 244B, 245B
Davis - 186B, 189B, 190A, 192A, 193A, 195B, 197B, 199B, 201B, 202B, 205A, 206B, 208A, 208B, 228B, 238A, 241A, 251B, 260B, 269A
Dawson - 211A
Deal - 185B, 251B
Dendy - 251B
Dillahunt - 192B
Dillon - 195A, 198A, 198B, 199A
Dixon - 211A
Donald - 261A, 265B, 271B
Dosier - 208A
Douglas - 226B
Dow - 212A
Dudley - 221A, 229B, 264A
Dunbar - 185A, 187B, 188A, 200B, 202A, 202B, 235A


Eason - 189A, 189B, 193B, 224A
Edward - 247A
Edwards - 247A
Emery - 224B
Emory - 220A, 273A
English - 260B
Ensley - 210A
Equils - 189B, 201B, 202A
Evaheart - 251B
Evans - 199A, 201B, 267A, 267B
Everette - 234B


Farrow - 189B, 201A, 219B, 224A, 228B, 231A, 239A, 261A, 263A, 273A, 277B, 278B
Fisher - 191A, 192B, 223B, 275A, 275B
Fitchett - 251B
Fitts - 254B
Flood - 266B
Flowers - 203B, 273A, 277B, 278A, 278B
Flynn - 189B, 269A
Fonveal - 220A
Fonveel - 276B
Fonvile - 218A
Fonville - 220B, 224A, 278A
Forbes - 193B, 253A
Ford - 246B, 251B
Fortescue - 201B
Fortiscue - 278A
Foskey - 191B, 192A
Foster - 253A
Frances - 225A, 251B
Franklin - 262A, 264B, 265B, 268B
Freeman - 193B
Frye - 251B
Fulcher - 252B, 255B, 256A, 256B, 258A
Fulford - 238A, 238B, 241A, 243B, 269B, 270A


Games - 247A
Gardner - 236A
Garish - 194B, 195A, 253A, 254A, 254B, 255B, 256A, 257A
Garrish - 258A, 259A
Gary - 247A
Gaskill - 252B, 253A, 253B, 254A, 256A, 257A
Gaskills - 256B, 259A
Gaskin - 200B, 255B
Gaskins - 202A, 226A, 252A, 252B, 253A, 253B, 254A, 255A, 255B, 271B
Geurganus - 266A
Gibbs - 185A, 185B, 186B, 187A, 191A, 192B, 193A, 193B, 195B, 198A, 199A, 199B, 201B, 203B, 206A, 206B, 208A, 212B, 213A, 214A, 214B, 215B, 216A, 218B, 220A, 222B, 223A, 224A, 224B, 225A, 225B, 226A, 226B, 227A, 227B, 228A, 228B, 229A, 229B, 230A, 230B, 231A, 231B, 232A, 232B, 233A, 233B, 234A, 235B, 236B, 237A, 237B, 238A, 238B, 239A, 239B, 240A, 240B, 242A, 243A, 243B, 244A, 244B, 245A, 245B, 247A, 247B, 248B, 249A, 249B, 250A, 251A, 260A, 262A, 265A, 265B, 269A, 270A, 270B, 276B, 278A
Gillams? - 265B
Gilliam - 222B
Gillum - 229B
Godwin - 215B, 251B
Golden - 191B
Goode - 225A
Goodwin - 259A
Gorhan? - 271B
Graham? - 224A
Gray - 189A, 190B, 191A, 192B, 196B, 199A, 203A, 203B, 258A
Green - 192A, 198B, 204A, 221A, 264A, 264B, 265A, 267B, 268B, 269A, 269B, 275B, 276A, 276B, 278A
Griffin - 198A, 199A, 199B, 251B, 260B
Guerganus - 273B
Gurganis - 191B
Guthrie - 240B, 256B, 260B


Haines - 221A
Haislip - 251A
Hall - 223B, 237B, 264A, 276B
Hardesty - 209B
Hardy - 220B, 221B, 237A, 265B, 266B
Harrell - 246B
Harris - 186A, 195A, 196A, 207A, 209A, 210A, 211A, 213A, 213B, 214A, 215A, 215B, 221A, 222A, 231A, 232A, 248B, 249B, 250A, 252B, 260A, 261A, 261B, 262A, 264A, 264B, 266A, 267B, 268A, 269A, 270A, 270B, 271A, 273A, 273B, 274A, 274B, 275A, 275B, 277A, 277B, 278A, 278B
Harrison - 247A
Harry - 262A
Harvey - 275B
Haskell - 247A
Hawkins - 200B, 202A
Hayes - 261B
Heath - 190A
Henderson - 197A, 197B
Henry - 220B, 275B
Herring - 211A
Hill - 206A, 206B, 213A, 216B, 229A, 246B, 256A
Hines - 201A, 261B
Hobbs - 246B
Hodges - 187A, 195B, 198A, 202B, 204A, 206A, 222B, 233A, 233B, 237A, 247B, 249A, 267B, 268A
Holloway - 191A, 196A, 199B, 261, 268B, 269A, 269B, 271A, 271B
Hollowell - 201B, 207A, 264A
Hollowill - 198B
Holly - 188A
Holmes - 251B
Holtsclaw - 251B
Hooker - 186B, 202A, 202B, 206B, 207A, 239A, 268A, 277B
Hoskins - 225A
Howard - 186A, 186B, 190A, 190B, 191A, 192A, 192B, 200A, 218B, 226B, 227A, 230B, 231B, 232A, 247A, 253A, 254B, 255A, 256A, 256B, 257A, 259A, 260B, 267B, 278B
Hudson - 216A, 219A
Hughes - 251B
Huntley - 254B
Hyde - 198A


Jackson - 255A, 255B
Jarvis - 189A, 189B, 191A, 199B, 200A, 209B, 214A, 214B, 219A, 231A, 239A, 264B, 265A, 266A, 271A, 272A, 272B, 273A, 273B
Jennette - 186A, 196B, 197B, 198B, 199B, 202B, 203A, 222B, 231A, 231B, 232A, 234B, 235A, 235B, 238A, 238B, 261A, 264B, 265B
Johns? - 193B
Johnson - 191B, 198A, 211A, 212A, 227B, 229B, 251B, 274B, 275B
Johnston - 261A
Jones - 186B, 187B, 188A, 191B, 192A, 207A, 208B, 209B, 210B, 211B, 216B, 217A, 218A, 219A, 219B, 222B, 225B, 227A, 235B, 236B, 238A, 251A, 251B, 267B, 268A, 270A, 270B, 275A
Jordan - 194A, 267A


Kenion - 191B
King - 196A, 201B, 202A, 202B, 207B, 212B, 217A
Knickerbocker - 224A


Langley - 261B
Lavender - 227B
Lawson - 218B
Leder - 251A
Lee - 276B, 277B
Leeks? - 229B
Lemons - 251A
Lewis - 214B, 242A, 246A
Lilly - 206A
Linton - 202A
Litchfield - 240B, 248B
Liverman - 187B, 188A, 208B
Long - 209A, 226B, 237B, 260A
Lovelace - 251B
Lovick - 192A, 192B, 198A, 200A, 201A
Lowe - 186B, 187A
Lucas - 221A, 221B, 222A, 228A, 276A, 276B
Lupton - 190B, 191A, 192A, 195A, 198B, 204A, 261A, 269A, 270B


McAwain - 276A
McCabe - 268B, 279A
McCaw - 251A
McClaud - 189A, 211B, 222B, 276A
McClees - 212B
McCloud - 266A
McCollough - 218A,
McColor - 275B
McCormick - 211B
McCulough - 236A
McGowan - 220A, 221B, 277A
McKinney - 194A, 197B, 201A, 216A, 216B, 228B, 229A, 229B, 230A, 232B, 240A, 247B, 248A, 248B, 276A, 278A
McKinnie - 247B, 248A
McLean - 266A
McMiller - 218B
McNeal - 191A
Mackey - 187A, 189A, 190B, 191A, 195B, 199A, 208A, 210B, 212A, 212B, 213B, 215A, 227B, 234A, 236A, 236B
Macky - 177B
Major - 188A
Makely - 261B
Mann - 191A, 192B, 193A, 194A, 201B, 207B, 208B, 211A, 211B, 220A, 223B, 224A, 227A, 227B, 228B, 229A, 229B, 232A, 232B, 233A, 233B, 235B, 236A, 237B, 238A, 241B, 242A, 260A, 261A, 265A, 269A, 274A, 277A, 277B
Manning - 185A, 185B, 203A
Marshall - 231A, 236B, 237A, 241B, 243A, 248B, 249A
Martin - 211A
Mason - 195A, 200A, 200B, 201A, 211A, 218B, 219A, 224B, 225A, 249B, 261B, 265B, 266A, 266B, 272A, 273B
Mays - 267A
Melton - 251B
Merrick - 275A
Midgett - 258A
Midgette - 253A, 253B
Midyette - 194B, 195A, 198B, 200B, 204A,  208B, 211B, 223B, 225A, 225B, 226A, 226B, 227A, 228A, 229B, 230B, 232B, 233A, 233B, 234B, 235B, 236A, 237B, 238A, 240A, 240B, 241A, 245B, 246A, 261A, 272A
Miller - 237B, 251B, 258A
Modlin - 246B
Moltba - 251B
Mooney - 207A, 209A, 212A, 212B, 214A, 230B, 251A
Mooney? - 228A
Moore - 196B, 203A, 204A, 220B, 222A, 234B, 244A, 251A, 251B
Morgan - 202A, 207A
Morris - 185B, 186A, 206B, 207B, 217A, 234A, 234B, 235A
Morton - 251B
Murray - 207B, 208A, 208B, 213A, 215B, 216B
Murry - 218B, 222A, 226B, 227B, 236B, 238B, 239A


Narron - 251B
Neal - 231B, 239B, 240A, 248A, 249A, 266A, 267A, 267B, 268A
Newman - 190A
Nixon - 206A, 233B, 234A, 249A
Noble - 198B, 200A, 202A
Norman - 208B


O'Neal - 209B, 211A, 212A, 214A, 214B, 259A, 260B, 264A, 267A, 277B
ONeal - 275B
Oneal - 192B, 194B, 195A, 196B, 197A, 198B, 200A, 200B, 201B, 203B, 218A, 221A, 224B, 225A, 231A, 244B, 249B, 252A, 252B, 253B, 254A, 254B, 255A, 255B, 256A, 256B, 257A
Oraie? - 191B
Orman - 207A, 212B
Overton - 205A, 261A, 270B, 271A, 272A


Parisher - 260B
Park - 203A
Parker - 198A, 247A
Parks - 199A
Parsons- 255B
Patrick - 198A, 238B, 240B, 243A, 248B
Patterson - 239A
Pattison - 226A, 236B
Paulette - 251A
Payne - 223A, 224B, 225A, 229B, 230B, 239A, 246A
Pearce - 251B
Peabody - 260A
Peay - 205A
Pedrick - 224A, 227B, 238B, 275A
Pegram - 266B, 269B
Pence - 199A
Peoples - 210B
Peterson - 218B, 221B, 222A, 224A, 261A, 265B, 268A, 268B, 276A, 276B, 277B, 278A
Petterson - 239A
Phelps - 190B, 223B
Phipps - 190A
Pledger - 214A
Polson - 202B
Pool - 251B
Potter - 198A, 198B
Powell - 204A
Pugh - 188A, 221B, 224A,  224B, 225A
Quidley - 224B, 225A



Raburn - 188A, 199A, 203B
Radcliff - 185A, 188A
Rascoe - 222A
Rasoe - 251A
Rayburn - 269A
Ready - 277A, 277B
Respass - 238B, 240B
Reynolds - 236A
Rhem - 186A
Rice - 272B, 273A
Richards - 190A, 204A, 248A, 255A
Rickard - 229B
Robbins - 251B
Roberson - 201B
Roberts - 206B, 208B, 260B
Robinson - 198B
Roeder - 247A
Rollins - 238A, 247A
Rook - 251B
Roper - 185A, 215B, 236B, 249A, 250A
Rose - 233A, 239A, 240A, 245B, 247B, 248A, 268A
Ross - 189A, 201A, 203B, 204A, 221B
Rothrock - 251B
Rouse - 220B
Rue - 210B
Russel - 218A
Russell - 193A, 199B,  221B, 222A
Rutledge - 251B


Sadler - 191B, 195B, 200A, 200B, 210A, 211A, 220B, 221B, 222B, 227B, 233A, 233B, 235B, 236A, 237A, 237B, 249B, 266B, 271A, 272A, 272B
Salter - 254B
Sanders - 273B, 274A, 278A
Sanderson - 207B, 210B, 211A, 216A, 225B
Satchel - 194A
Satterthwaite - 185A, 200A, 225A
Saunders - 196A
Saunderson - 228B, 233B, 238B, 240B
Sawyer - 189B, 191B, 192A, 197B, 198A, 198B, 201A, 203B, 204A, 210A, 261B, 264A, 264B, 266B, 267A, 272B
Scarborough - 253B, 255A, 256A, 258A
Sears - 190A, 197B, 199B
Selby - 221B, 222A, 223A, 224A, 226A, 226B, 227A, 227B, 228B, 231B, 232B, 234A, 234B, 235A, 236A, 236B, 237B, 240A, 241A, 248A, 249A, 250A, 262A, 265A, 268A, 271B, 274A, 277A
Sewall - 274A, 274B
Sewel - 248B
Sewell - 277A
Sewels - 247B
Sexton - 187A
Shaw - 212B, 219A, 226A, 227A, 275B
Sheldon - 218A, 218B, 222A
Sheppard - 266B
Shirley - 251B
Shook?/Short? - 211B
Sieks? - 229B
Silverthorn - 233B, 235A, 235B
Silverthorne - 191A, 194A, 196A, 197A, 202A
Simmons - 185A, 187A, 191A, 206B, 211B, 212A, 264A, 269A
Simpson - 193A, 208A, 209B, 211B, 212B, 215B, 216A, 217A, 252A, 252B, 253A
Singleton - 251B
Siskle - 214A
Skittlethorpe - 273B
Slade - 189A; 189B, 194A, 195B, 196B, 271A
Smith - 207B, 209A, 209B, 210B, 214B, 220B, 245A, 251B, 252A, 264A
Smithwick - 185A,  185B, 186A, 186B, 222A
Spango? - 191B
Sparrow - 187A, 191B
Speller - 219A
Spencer - 192A, 195B, 196A, 196B, 197A, 199B, 200A, 201A, 202A, 207B, 208A, 208B, 210B, 211A, 211B, 213B, 214A, 216B, 217A, 219A, 219B, 220A, 220B, 222B, 223A, 223B, 224A, 224B, 225B, 226A, 227A, 227B, 230A, 232A, 233B, 234A, 234B, 235A, 235B, 236A, 236B, 237A, 237B, 238A, 239A, 239B, 240A, 240B, 241A, 241B, 242A, 243A, 243B, 245B, 246A, 246B, 247A, 247B, 249B, 250A, 250B, 253A, 253B, 254A, 260A, 260B, 261A, 263A, 266B, 267B, 270A, 271B, 272A, 275B, 276A
Spring - 246B
Spruill - 187B, 199A
Squires - 202B
Stalings - 236A
Stanley - 195B, 199A, 229B, 231B
Stewart - 211A, 251B
Stillwell - 251B
Stilly - 190A
Stotesberry - 185A
Stotesbury - 218A
Stowe - 185B, 186A, 240B, 249B
Styron - 252A, 252B, 253A
Swindell - 189B, 190A, 201A, 208B, 209B, 211A, 212B, 219A, 219B, 220B, 223A, 225B, 226A, 231A, 233B, 236B, 242A, 243B, 248B, 249A, 250A, 260B, 261B, 266B, 268A, 268B, 269A, 276B, 278A


Talbert - 251B
Tayloe - 251B
Taylor - 189A, 198A, 236A, 251A, 264B, 275B
Ten? - 251B
Tetterton - 245A
Thigpen - 269B
Thomas - 218A, 253B
Thorpe - 251B
Tolan - 199A
Tolson - 252A, 252B, 254A, 254B
Tompson - 272B
Toms - 251B
Tooley - 185A, 197B
Toppin - 206B, 211B
Topping - 219A, 219B, 220B, 221A
Toppins - 272B, 277A
Tripp - 190B
Tunnell - 219B, 227B, 261A, 261B, 262A, 270B, 271A
Turner - 237B
Tynes - 246B
Twiford - 238B


Vaughn - 204A, 269A
Voliva - 267B


Wahab - 194B, 195A, 256B, 259A, 261B
Walker - 265B
Warburton - 225A
Ward - 220B, 274A, 275A
Warfield - 186A
Warner - 197A, 198B
Warren - 218A
Washington - 191B
Waters - 185B, 251A
Watson - 186A, 193B, 195A, 198B, 201B, 206A, 206B, 208B, 212A, 214A, 216A, 223B, 228B, 229B, 230A, 232B, 233B,  240B, 241A, 250A, 260A, 278A
Weston - 191A, 200B, 203A, 218A, 219B, 221A, 221B, 223A, 236B, 251A, 264B, 275B
Whitaker - 209B, 220A, 220B, 221A, 221B, 222A, 265B, 266A, 276B, 277A, 277B
White - 232A, 254B, 271A, 274B
Whitfield - 230A, 231B, 238B
Whitney - 208A, 264A, 265A, 274A, 276B, 277A
Wiggins - 206B
Wilcox - 243A
Williams - 192A, 195B, 196B, 197A, 206A, 206B, 209A, 209B, 211A, 212B, 214A, 214B, 216A, 222A, 229B, 236B, 238B, 245A, 246A, 246B, 249A, 249B, 252A, 253B, 254A, 255A, 255B, 256A, 256B, 257A, 258A, 259A, 260A, 260B, 261A, 265B, 268A, 268B, 270B, 272A, 272B, 273A, 273B, 274A
Williamson - 275B
Willie?/Willis? - 191A
Willis - 256B, 257A, 259A, 274A
Willoughby - 200B
Wilson - 251B
Windley - 235B, 260A
Witaker - 265A
Woerix - 251B
Wood - 248A
Woodard - 251B
Wright - 187A, 261B
Yeomans - 258A
Young - 207A, 210A, 231A, 232B, 235A, 239B, 241A, 241B
Zabawa - 249A


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