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Warner Cemetery
(Beulah Loop Rd., Scranton, Currituck Twp.)

Photo by Jan Orndorff

All tombstones from this cemetery were photographed by Jan Orndorff in 2010.


Birth Date

Death Date



Bell, Florida E. Carrawan Oct. 10, 1872 Oct. 12, 1894 Wife of J.D. Bell Buried beside Jas. Ruffin Warner; d/o Richard Benjamin Carawan & Susan Jane Midyett; married 1st James Ruffin Warner & 2nd John D. Bell
Flowers, Charlie A. [Arthur] Apr. 28, 1888 Dec. 4, 1964 A devoted husband & a loving father. Double footstone with Mary E. Green Flowers; s/o Joseph Peel Flowers & Priscilla Williams  [Death Certificate]
Flowers, Mary E. [Elizabeth] Green Feb. 24, 1893 Apr. 17, 1977   Double footstone with Charlie A. Flowers
Gray, Kenneth Edgar Jan. 8, 1924 Sept. 8, 1994 COX US Navy WW II  
Green, Abner May 18, 1836 Aug. 18, 1901 A light from our household is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our hearts, That never can be filled.  
Green, Charles R. [Oct. 11] 1862 [Dec. 22] 1933 Father Double with James E. Green; s/o Abner Green & Mary Holland Lupton  [Death Certificate]
Green, Cora W. Mar. 11, 1905 Jan. 10, 1992 Gone but not forgotten. Double with Ralph W. Green; d/o Robert Williams. Jr. & Julia Ann Boomer
Green, James E. [Elizabeth] [Sept. 21] 1864 [July 7] 1944 Mother Double with Charles R. Green; d/o James H. Warner & Elizabeth Jarvis  [Death Certificate states birth as Sept. 21, 1863]
Green, Ralph W. [Waldo] Sept. 7, 1901 Oct. 19, 1960 Gone but not forgotten. Double with Cora W. Green; s/o Charles R. Green & James Elizabeth Warner  [Death Certificate]
Sawyer, C. [Cutford] Griffin Sept. 16, 1891 Feb. 4, 1977 A devoted father and a loving husband. Husband of Florida Greene Sawyer
Sawyer, Florida Greene Sept. 23, 1891 Mar. 26, 1961 A devoted wife and a loving mother. wife of Cutford Griffin Sawyer; d/o Charles R. Green & James Elizabeth Warner
Sawyer, Hansel A. [Abner] Oct. 6, 1922 Jan. 24, 2002   [see obituary]
Warner, Catherine C. Baum May 13, 1862 March 2, 1888 Wife of Jeremiah Warner - Meet me in heaven. Stone is broken and lying on the ground; d/o Samuel Lindsay Baum & Mary Jordan Harris
Warner, Jas. Ruffin Nov. 28, 1855 Oct. 28, 1892 Husband of Florida Carrowan s/o James H. Warner & Elizabeth Jarvis; buried beside Florida E. Carrawan Bell.
Warner, Mary E. [Ella] [Apr. 22] 1887 [Nov. 24] 1967   Funeral home marker; d/o Jeremiah Warner & Catherine Cartwright Baum  [Death Certificate]