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O'Neal Cemetery
(Trent Road on Ocracoke Island)

Photos were taken in September 2009 by Marla Walker Beasley


Birth Date

Death Date


ONeal, Mrs. Allie Aug. 16, 1874 July 24, 1939 Resting in Peace [see Death Certificate]
ONeal, C.T. (Christopher Thomas III) July 14, 1849 Sept. 26, 1904 [epitaph unreadable] [another photo]
ONeal, Franklin W. July 24, 1860 Feb. 28, 1935 His toils are past, His work is done.  He fought the (remainder of epitaph is underground)
[see Death Certificate]
ONeal, George W. Dec. 4, 1869 Dec. 17, 1949 He was beloved (remainder of epitaph is underground)
O'Neal. John F. Mar. 13, 1920 Sept. 19, 1994 Father; In Loving Memory
[double with Mary M. O'Neal]
O'Neal, Mary M. Mar. 23, 1919 Sept. 11, 1987 Mother; In Loving Memory
[double with John F. O'Neal]
ONeal, Mrs. Sarah Mar. 7, 1865 Oct. 11, 1938 She was a kind an affectionate wife.  (remainder of epitaph is underground)
[see Death Certificate]
O'Neal, Virginia Dec. 21, 1855 Jan. 5, 1929 Gone but not forgotten.
Spencer, Agnes
[July 1867]
[1900 census]
  [Close-up]  [Negative close-up]
[d/o B.G. Spencer & Eliza Alvania Walker]
Spencer, B.G. (Benjamin) Jan. 22, 1828 Feb. 22, 1896 In the graveyard softly sleeping, Where the flowers gently wave, Lies the one we loved so dearly in his lonely silent grave.
Spencer, Eliza A. Sep. 21, 1835 Feb. 23, 1907 We loved her, yes we loved her, But angels loved her more.  And they have sweetly called her To yonder shining shore.  [Close-up]
Williams, Allen G. July 10, 1910 July 10, 1910 Son of M.F. & C.L. Williams; Asleep in Jesus
Williams, Carrie L. Apr. 4, 1880 Aug. 16, 1910 Wife of M.F. Williams, Jr.

Oh think how she suffered and moaned with pain, Through the night hours we soothed her in vain, Until God in his mercy sent down from above, An angel that whispered a message of love.

Williams, M.F. (Millard Fillmore Jr.) June 15, 1880 Oct. 16, 1936 At Rest.  [see Death Certificate]