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Old Episcopal Church Cemetery

The Old Episcopal Church Cemetery is located in Makleyville in the Currituck Township of Hyde County. The cemetery is in a wooded area off of Route 1147 near the shores of the Pungo River. The cemetery is on the left side of the road and is very overgrown, many of the graves have caved in, others are being pushed up by trees, and 5 of the headstones are down or missing. On a recent visit, 9 of the 14 headstones listed in In Memory Of were photographed by Ken Mason Google Maps for this cemetery.  Most dates in brackets are taken from In Memory Of...An Index to Hyde County Cemeteries.


Birth Date

Death Date

Epitaph / Comments

Ayers, Geo. W. May 19, 1841 Nov. 4, 1917 Safe in the arms of Jesus
[top of stone broken & lying flat on the ground]
[Bell, Georgia Gilberta] [May 2, 1891] [Sept. 9, 1926] [no photo]
[d/o George Gilbert Newman & Jane Gray Credle; husband of John Preston Bell]
Bell, Nancy E. [Elizabeth] Mar. 28, 1837 Apr. 22, 1892 In Memory Of - Wife of T.M. Bell - Daughter of John E. &Margaret A. Satchwell
Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep. From which none ever wakes to weep. [Remainder of epitaph is buried]
[Credle, William H.] [1846] [Nov. 26, 1866] [no photo]
Newman, Eleanor C. [Credle] Oct. 28, 1883 Oct. 24, 1906 She fell by the wayside and the angels took her home.
Newman, Geo. G. Nov. 17, 1854 June 20, 1903 At rest.  [Cemetery fence has fallen on this stone.]
[Newman, Jane G. "Jennie"] [Jan. 1, 1860] [July 15, 1899] [no photo]
Newman, Lela G. Nov. 16, 1886 Sept. 26, 1903 Gone but not forgotten.
[Newman, Mary L.] [Oct. 16, 1886] [Nov. 25, 1896] [no photo]
Nobles, Goldie Mae Mar. 2, 1907 Oct. 4, 1947 [no photo]  [see death certificate which says buried in family cemetery]]
Nobles, Grace Maxeful Oct. 2, 1922 Jan. 25, 1923 [no photo]  [see death certificate which says buried at Fortescue Creek]
Nobles, J. Edward [John] Feb. 25, 1875 May 6, 1943 God's greatest gift returned to God--Our Father
Nobles, William Henry [Feb. 1840]
[per 1900 & 1910 census]
Dec. 4, 1924 [no photo]  [see death certificate which erroneously says he died at age 95; buried in Makleyville]
Rose, Dinah July 11, 1857 Jan. 28, 1881 Wife of Thomas M. Rose - Asleep in Jesus.  O how sweet!
Sparrow,  Dr. Stephen P. [Peter] March 6, 1841 July 3, 1887 Death is the crown of life.  [One side of the cross appears to have been broken but repaired]
[see his participation in the raid at Fairfield in 1864]
Spring, Martha Feb. 20, 1861 [June 11, 1884] [Stone appears to be broken or buried--death date and epitaph can not be seen]
Tooley, Willie N. [Newman] [Nov. 14, 1887] [June 8, 1898] [no photo]  [s/o Alexander Jackson Tooley & Elizabeth Haywood Newman]