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Jarvis-Overton Cemetery
(Credle Rd. (#1124); Swan Quarter Twp.)

Above photos by Jan Orndorff

All tombstones from this cemetery were photographed by Jan Orndorff in 2010.  Jan's comments on this cemetery: Some stones were lying on the ground across the graves.  Charlotte Jarvis’ tombstone was down over a grave with broken open cement covering over the grave.  The picture doesn’t show that open part very well.  I crawled under the backside of the brush at the end of Charlotte’s grave and found the tombstone of Otto Earl Jones on the ground.  I found all the tombstones that were listed in the “In Memory Of…” book.  As you can see from the overall cemetery pictures, the ditch and farm land are little by little taking more and more of cemetery area.


Birth Date

Death Date



Jarvis, Charlotte Sept. 25, 1819 Oct. 2, 1899 Wife of David Jarvis Charlotte Tolson
Jones, [broken] arl [Otto Earl] July 7, 1904 July 20, 1905 Son of [broken] & Dorthy Jones Otto Earl Jones was the son of Caleb A. Jones & Dorothy Overton
Overton, Brittie Ann May 5, 1860 Aug. 25, 1922 Rest Mother rest in quiet sleep.  While friends in sorrow o'er thee weep. Daughter of David Jarvis & Charlotte Tolson; wife of John William Overton
Overton, Claudie S. Feb. 17, 1889 Dec. 10, 1959 In loving Memory of - "Father", not my will but thine be done. Claudia Lee Smithwick, wife of Earl K. Overton
Overton, Earl Aug. 29, 1884 Dec. 1, 1942 In loving Memory of - Death is another life. Son of John William Overton & Brittie Ann Jarvis and husband of Claudia Lee Smithwick
Overton, J.W. [John William] Oct. 14, 1858 Mar. 17, 1923 He has gone to his home in heaven, And all his afflictions are o'er. Son of Harriet Overton and husband of Brittie Ann Jarvis
[long-shot photo]