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Howard-Wahab Cemetery
(Trent Rd. , Ocracoke, NC)

Photos were taken in September 2009 by Marla Walker Beasley


Birth Date

Death Date


Best, Capt. James [c1791] June 15th 1846 Sacred to the Memory Of
Yes the Christian's course is run.  Ended in the glorious strife:  Fought the fight, the work is done. Death has swallowed up life.

Aged 55 Years

Best, Nancy March 15th 1801 September 10th 1857 Widow of Capt. James Best
She was! But words are wanting to say what. Think what a wife should be. She was that.
Chace, Eliza Ann [Apr. 8, 1823] 29th Augt 1824 In Memory Of
Daughter of Elisha & Thyrza Chace
aged 16 months & 21 days

Oh envied babe!  O happy soul!  Thy loss we cannot mourn At thought of thee and thy blest fate, Our hearts with rapture burn.

Dailey, Jordan P. [Feb. 9, 1806] December the 31st 1843 Sacred to the memory of
aged 36 years 10 months & 22 days

Tis over, that deep sigh was the last, the last of mortal grief and pain.  Death's gloomy horror all is past and finish'd all this mournful reign.  Close-up photo

Farow, Susan Ann [Mar. 26, 1846] [Dec. 21, 1867] [No photo available.  Information taken from In Memory Of...An Index to Hyde County Cemeteries]
Fitts, Virginia Dare July 20, 1929 Feb. 17, 1931 Asleep in Jesus.
Gaskins, Elen June 7, 1859 June 27, 1882 Wife of Zorababel Gaskins

One day amidst the place where Jesus is within, Is better than ten thousand days of pleasure and of sin.

Gaskins, George M. June 12, 1882 Nov. 18, 1882 Son of Z. & Elen Gaskins

I take this little lamb, said He, and lay it on my breast, Proclaim it shall find in me, In me be ever blest.

Gaskins, Sarah L. Sept. __ 1815? July 13th 1850 Sacred to the Memory Of
Wife of Ira C. Gaskins

Let's mourn no more, she is not dead.  Her gentle spirit's only fled Where she enjoys perpetual bliss, And in endless scenes of happiness.

Heggart, Louisa [Aug. 14, 1800] March the 12th 1835 Sacred to the Memory Of
Wife of Thomas Heggart
aged 34 years 6 months & 26 days

Here where our mortal eyes now see, The form in deaths cold sleep recline, We'd view the soul from sorrow free, Exulting in its change divine.

Howard, Agnes December 15th 1780 October 24th 1857 Widow of William Howard Sen.

She was!  But words are wanting to say what. Think what a wife should be. She was that.

Howard, Ann     Wife of John Howard; Age 99 years
Howard, Ann 1724 November 24th 1841 Wife of George Howard; Aged 117 Years

Lo, the prisoner is released.  Lightened of her fleshly load.  Where the weary are at rest, She is gathered unto God.

Howard, Eliza

September the 22nd 1812

August the 23rd 1846 Consort of Richard G. Howard
[epitaph unreadable]
Howard, George June 8th 1749 June 8th 1806 In Memory Of; Aged 57 Years [epitaph unreadable]
Howard, George   19th day of Sept. 1831 The Grave Of; Son of John & Anna Howard
aged 28 y 9 m & 6 days

The Lord will not suffer the soul of the righteous to famish, But He casteth away the substance of the wicked.

Howard, George W. [Sept. 2, 1814] January the 14th 1844 Sacred to the Memory Of
Aged 29 years 4 months & 12 days

How short the race our friend has run, Cut down in all his bloom.  The course but yesterday begun, Now finished in the tomb.

Howard, John Esq. [Aug. 24, 1778] October 20th AD 1832 The Grave Of
Aged 54 years, 1 month & 26 days

Erected to his memory by his affectionate Widow Anna Howard

Behold vain mortals, flitting forms
Beneath clay cold sod
Dies a prey to loathsome worms
The noblest work of God.

Howard, Richard G. October 7th 1816 January 23rd 1857 [epitaph unreadable]
Howard, Miss S.M.P.
[Sarah Mary Parliament Howard]
[Apr. 5, 1810] 50th [sic] Aug 1828 In Memory Of; Daughter of Wm. & Agness Howard
aged 18 years & 4 months.

What'er of mild affection were beloved, Revered of art? we and of sense approved.  What'er of candor female bosom know, Once warmed the gentle heart, that rests below.

Howard, William March 15th 1776 August 30th 1851 In Memory Of
aged 75 years 5 months & 15 days

As for man, his days are as grass as a flower of the field so he flourisheth for the wind passeth over it and it is gone and the place thereof shall know it no more.

Piland, M.L. [Michael Lawrence] Jan. 20, 1861 May 6, 1920 Gone but not forgotten.
Wahab, Clifton Russell Sr. February 2, 1892 June 5, 1950 North Carolina Cpl. 1 Prov. Dev.Regt. World War I
Wahab. Eliza B. Sept. 29th 1808 Jan. 25th 1870 Mother.  Fondest dearest name, farewell till we meet again.
Wahab, Eliza T. Aug. 15, 1897 Sept. 26, 1969 Gone Home
Wahab, George W.H. October 3d 1827 November 22d 1847? Sacred to the Memory Of
Son of Job of Eliza B. Wahab

Unveil thy bosom faithful tomb, Take this new treasure to thy trust, And give these sacred relics room, To slumber in the silent dust.

Wahab, Harold M. October 10, 1936 April 4, 1968 Gone but not forgotten.
Wahab, Hettie Goldey March 21, 1910 Sept. 18, 1915 Daughter of Hatton and Martha Wahab
Mama's darling child.
Wahab, James H. January 31, 1861 August 8, 1913 U.S.L.S.S.
Faithful until death.
Wahab, Job Mach 25th 1802 October 19th 1860 In Memory Of; Aged 58 years 7 months & 4 days.

My flesh shall slumber in the ground, Till the last trumpets joyful sound.  Then burst the grave with sweet surprise, And in my Saviors image rise.

Wahab, Job B. March 3rd 1835 September 4th 1842 Sacred to the Memory of.
Son of Job of Eliza B. Wahab

This tender bud so young and fair, Call'd hence by early doom, Just came to show how sweet a flower, In paradise would bloom.

Wahab, Jonathan H. July 14th 1826 September 11th 1842 Sacred to the Memory of.
Son of Job of Eliza B. Wahab

Why mourning parents grieve for me, Who made with you so short a stay, Perhaps our heavenly Father saw, Some threat ring evil on the way.

Wahab, Martha Ann July 28, 1867 July 27, 1949 Wife of James H. Wahab; At Rest
Wahab, Molsey March 22, 1831 Nov. 5, 1885 Wife of Wm. H. Wahab
Wahab, Myra Edwards September 9, 1903 March 26, 2002 [Double with Robert Stanley Wahab]
Wahab, Robert Stanley February 3, 1888 November 20, 1967 [Double with Myra Edwards Wahab]
Wahab, Thomas Harvey May 18, 1902 Oct. 24, 1974 Son of J.H. and Martha A. Wahab; "Memories"
[Masonic Emblem]
Wahab, Virginia O'Neal Feb. 1, 1906 Feb. 21, 1943 Say not goodbye but in a brighter clime bid me good morning.
Wahab, Vivian Nov. 13, 1924 Nov. 15, 1924  
Wahab, Warren O. September 10th 1833 September 14th 1842 Sacred to the Memory of.
Son of Job of Eliza B. Wahab
[inscription partially obstructed by leaves]
Wahab, W. Clarence Apr. 13, 1890 Mar. 3, 1917 God gave. He took.  He will restore.  He doeth all things well.
Wahab, William H. May 21, 1830 Oct. 17, 1906  
Williams, Eunice Natlaie [sic] June 26, 1915 July 26, 1915 Inf. Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Zina Williams; Age 1 Month
[inscription below ground]
Williams, Lola Wahab Feb. 1, 1894 Jan. 15, 1981 Strength and honour are her clothing; And she shall rejoice in time to come.  She openeth her mouth with wisdom; And in her tongue is the law of kindness.  Her children arise up and call her blessed; Give her of the fruit of her hands; And let her own works praise her in the gates.
Williams, Salina Ballance "Baba" May 10, 1912 July 28, 1969 To love someone more dearly every day, to help a wondering child to find its way, to ponder o'er a noble thought and pray and smile when evening falls, that was her task.
Williams, Zini S. Oct. 5, 1890 Nov. 25, 1970 An honest man is the noblest work of God.
Willis, Malsey Wahab Mar. 20, 1896 Feb. 5, 1981  
Willis, Olive G. [Oct. 22, 1916] [Dec. 5, 1916] [inscription nearly obliterated--data taken from In Memory Of...An Index to Hyde County Cemeteries]
Willis, Sigma Van May 1, 1933 May 21, 2002 1 Sg. US Army Vietnam  [Close-up]