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Garrish-Gaskins-Jackson-O'Neal Cemeteries

In 1973 when In Memory Of... An Index to Hyde County Cemeteries was published there were about 7 individual cemeteries all in close proximity of each other that were found on the east side of Ocracoke Island.  Now, almost 40 years later, more interments have been made in those cemeteries and now they almost blend into one another.  When Marla took these pictures she said that only a few trees were separating the cemeteries so I've lumped them into one cemetery here.  The tombstones were mainly from the Garrish, Gaskins, Jackson, & O'Neal families and appeared to be off of O'Neal Dr.  [see map where X marks the spot where these cemeteries are located]   Photos were taken in August 2012 by Marla Walker Beasley


Birth Date

Death Date


Burrus, Alonzo O. Jr. [Orlando] May 31, 1934 Feb. 4, 1996 Devoted husband, father & grandfather - Married Nov. 20, 1951
[double with Cora G. Burrus]  Military marker  [see obituary]
Burrus, Cora G. Mar. 18, 1936   Married Nov. 20, 1951  [double with Alonzo O. Burrus]
Garrish, Benjamin J. [Joseph] April 17, 1844 July 17, 1885 We shall sleep but not forever.  There will be a glorious dawn.  We shall meet to part, no never, In the resurrection morn.  [single stone with wife, Mary J. Garrish]
Garrish, Doris H. Feb. 9, 1910 Oct. 16, 1991 She lived her life in faithfulness, with love and service to family, friends, and all those whose lives she touched.  [see obituary]
Garrish, Mary J. Sept. 21, 1847 April 16, 1920 We shall sleep but not forever.  There will be a glorious dawn.  We shall meet to part, no never, In the resurrection morn. [single stone with husband,  Benjamin J. Garrish]
Garrish, William P. Sr. Jan. 28, 1910 Jun. 25, 1982 Devoted husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.  Loving and patient to the end.  Military marker  [see obituary]
Gaskins, Cora D. [Dean] June 21, 1871 Oct. 25, 1933 Not my will, but thine be done.
Gaskins, George M. [Mathias] Apr. 25, 1887 Dec. 3, 1967 Gone, but not forgotten  [double with Iola O. Gaskins]
Gaskins, Gerald Fithian Aug. 7, 1928 Oct. 19, 1980 [see obituary]
Gaskins, Gilbert Bryan October 12, 1896 December 24, 1971 North Carolina - Surfman - US Coast Guard
Gaskins, Iola O. May 25, 1898 Nov. 8, 1977 Gone, but not forgotten  [double with George M. Gaskins]
Gaskins, James Bradford "Brad" Jr. Dec. 30, 1972 Jan. 1, 2007 Beloved father, son, brother, companion & friend. - To know you was to love you.
Gaskins, John Sept. 2, 1826 Feb. 1, 1905 Not my will, but thine be done.
Gaskins, John W. Mar. 18, 1936 Mar. 18, 1936 A little bud of love gone.
Gaskins, Juliann July 22, 1828 Apr. 20, 1899 The righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.
Gaskins, Lucy Helen O'Neal Sept. 18, 1928 Apr. 19, 1993 We treasure the beauty of her life and the way she shared it with others.
[see obituary]
Gaskins, Mable M. Feb. 9, 1946   [double with Zora B. Gaskins]
Gaskins, Matthew Guthrie July 5, 1905 Aug. 14, 1990  
Gaskins, Susan Feb. 7, 1865 Apr. 28, 1939 Wife of Marcus Gaskins - She was a faithful wife and a true friend.
Gaskins, Z.B. [Zora Babel] Mar. 2, 1855 Sept. 11, 1918 A tender father and a faithful friend.
Gaskins, Zora B. Jan. 8, 1932 Dec. 15, 2008 [double with Mable M. Gaskins  [see obituary
Howard, Elizabeth O'Neal 1910 1996 Life's a voyage that's homeward bound.  [double with Robert Wahab Howard]
[see obituary]
Howard, Robert Wahab 1914 1974 Life's a voyage that's homeward bound.  [double with Elizabeth O'Neal Howard]
Jackson, Elizabeth O'Neal Mar. 30, 1829 May 28, 1921 In Memory of our Sainted Mother - She id not dead but peacefully resting with the saints of God.
Jackson, George W. October 20, 1822 November 5, 1900 Come Lord when grave hath made me meet Thy blessed face to see, For it Thy work on earth be saved, What will Thy glory b.  My knowledge of life is small, The eye of faith is dim, But 'tis enough that Christ knows all And I shall be with Him. - Aged 78 Years, 15 days
Jackson, Howard Jan. 19, 1812 Nov. 3, 1896 Son of Francis & Clarissa? Jackson - Aged 84 yrs., 9 mos, 15 dys? - In my Father's house are many mansions.
O'Neal, Christopher April 11, 1791 April 13, 1869 Aged 78 years & 2 days - Remember me as you pass by, As you are now so once was I,  As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me.
O'Neal, Delores G. July 9, 1928 Nov. 3, 2003 In Loving Memory  [double with Earl W. O'Neal, Jr.]  [see obituary]
O'Neal, Earl W. Dec. 20, 1895 Mar. 21, 1992 In Loving Memory  [double with Louise G. O'Neal]  [see obituary]
O'Neal, Earl W. Jr. July 27, 1929   In Loving Memory  [double with Delores G. O'Neal]
O'Neal, Elizabeth Gaskins 1853 c1905 [double with Tilmon William O'Neal]
O'Neal, Euphema Mar. 16, 1859 May 30, 1924 Wife of John W. O'Neal - With friends on earth, we meet in gladness, While swift the moments fly.  Yet ever comes the thought of sadness, When we must say Good bye.
O'Neal, Flora McIver "Iva" Spencer Nov. 6, 1898 Aug. 13, 1991 The light of her love, the tenderness of her caring, the warmth of her presence, brightened the lives of those who knew her.
O'Neal, Helen W. Jan. 25, 1869 Oct. 26, 1954 Gone, but not forgotten.  [double with Isaac W. O'Neal]  [see obituary]
O'Neal, Isaac D. June 23, 1935 Aug. 17, 1978 Its hard to lose the one you love.
O'Neal, Isaac W. July 31, 1865 Sept. 18, 1954 Gone, but not forgotten.  Masonic Emblem  [double with Helen W. O'Neal]
[see obituary]
O'Neal, James Calvin Feb. 13, 1894 Mar. 1, 1965 An honest man's the noblest work of God.
O'Neal, John Puet Mar. 25, 1932 Sept. 25, 1999 His humor and compassion for others was boundless--A loving husband, proud father, but above all, our best friend--There will never be another like him.  [Close up of photo]  [see obituary]  [military marker]
O'Neal, John Thomas
[tombstone almost unreadable]
[Nov. 28, 1889] [Jan. 16, 1906] We shall sleep but not forever, In the lone and silent grave.  Blessed be the Lortd that taketh.  Belssed be the Lord that gave.  In the bright eternal city, Death can never, never come.  In his own good time, he'll call us from our home sweet home.  [Closeup]
[Dates & epitaph taken from In Memory Of]
O'Neal, John W. [William] Mar. 28, 1862 Oct. 19, 1935 At rest. - Gone, but not forgotten.
O'Neal, Louise G. Apr. 4, 1901 Mar. 20, 1988 In Loving Memory  [double with Earl W. O'Neal]
O'Neal, Louise Tolleson "Mama Lou" Apr. 3, 1944 Feb. 15, 2004 [see obituary]
O'Neal, Martha E. Jan. 13, 1891 Mar. 16, 1973 Faithful til the end.
O'Neal, Martha F. [Frances] June 10, 1877 May 6, 1943 At Rest
O'Neal, Tilmon William [July 1] 1845 1885 [double with Elizabeth Gaskins O'Neal]
O'Neal, Willis W. Nov. 21, 1822 Feb. 24, 1888 W.W.N. - In Memory Of
O'Neal, Zillie [Barzilla] Oct. 30, 1859 June 10, 1939 Gone, but not forgotten
Styron, Blanche O'Neal Nov. 18, 1922 Apr. 25, 2008 Beloved wife, mother, Meme, sister, aunt & friend.
She loved to talk, laugh, and tell old tales with a smile larger than life.  Her love for Ocracoke and family was unwavering.
  [see obituary]
Tolson, Mary A. Jan. 1, 1820 July 1, 1899 Aged 79 yrs. 6 mos.
Williams, Neva May Mar. 1, 1881 June 7, 1908 Wife of W.E. Williams
A precious one from us is gone, A voice we love is stilled.  A place is vacant in our home, That never can be filled.