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Foster Cemetery
(Road #1326 on Ocracoke Island; next to the Andrew S. Spencer Cemetery)

Photos were taken in September 2009 by Marla Walker Beasley


Birth Date

Death Date


Foster, Bunia V. Feb. 19, 1888 Nov. 25, 1928 She was a faithful daughter, a loving sister, and kind to all.

[Inscription impossible to read - information taken from In Memory Of...An Index to Hyde County Cemeteries.]  [Close-up]

Foster, Evrilla Darkes Dec. 2, 1865 July 30, 1933 Age 69? yrs & 8? mos. [very difficult to read]
In loving memory of our dear mother
To those who have a mother, treat her with loving care for you'll never know her value until you see her vacant chair.  Sadly missed by her children.
Foster, Irma S. July 22, 1917 July 28, 2005 (Married) Mar. 4, 1953
One of God's angels from above has gone back to heaven and left us with her love.

[double with Zion J. Foster]
Foster, John B. Feb. 2, 1895 Jan. 16, 1940 Farewell; Until we meet again
Foster, Zion J. Feb. 24, 1898 July 31, 1971 (Married) Mar. 4, 1953
North Carolina Pvt. 263 Coast Arty. World War II
[double with Irma S. Foster]
Styron, Christopher T. April 25, 1965   Life is a gift from God.  Love it and live it.
Gus Brugh (a pet) 1972 1986 Think what a pet should be.  He was that.

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