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Farrow-McWilliams Cemetery
( Ocracoke)

Photos were taken in July 2012 by Marla Walker Beasley


Birth Date

Death Date


Farrow, Tilmon
[Wilson Tilmon Farrow, Sr.]
Nov. 22, 1798 July 23, 1880 In Memory Of; To public trust, faithful and in relations of private life as husband, father and friend, true.  [Masonic Emblem] Back of stone; Longshot of stone
McWilliams, Charlie C. May 19, 1892 Sept. 21, 1972 Beyond the sunset eternal dawn
McWilliams, Hilda Tolson Jan. 16, 1896 Oct. 23, 1983 "Misses" loved us all.  Absent from the body, present with the Lord.
McWilliams, Eliza Ann
[Dau of Wilson Tilmon Farrow, Sr. & wife of John Small McWilliams]
July 7, 1831 Feb. 23, 1878 No photo available - Info from In Memory Of
Dearest Eliza, thou hast left us.  How thy loss we deeply feel, But tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.
Needham, Letha J. Jan. 8, 1866 Sept. 4, 1889

Wife of Rev. T.?J.? Needham  [Epitaph unreadable]  Longshot of stone

Roberts, Elizabeth Corinne McWilliams Oct. 11, 1915 Oct.15, 2004 Unseen but ever near  [see obituary]
Tolson, Fannie Dec. 28, 1859 Sept. 15, 1885

Wife of Thomas Tolson; Darling husband I must leave you, I must leave you all alone.  But tis my blessed Jesus  who calls me to my heavenly home.

[possibly the grave of John Small McWilliams]
    [Front of headstone hidden by bushes & trees]
[see 1860 Beaufort Co. census; see 1870 Ocracoke Census; see 1880 Ocracoke Census; also see 1889 obituary for John McWilliams]
Williams, Annie F. [broken stone] Feb. 8, 1858 May 9, 1899 Wife of T. [Tilmon] F. Williams  Longshot of stone
Williams, Blanche Dec. 30, 1877 Dec. 30, 1877 Two Daughters of Tilmon F. & Annie F. Williams  [Double with Eliza Mc. Williams]
Williams, Eliza Mc

Jan. 31, 1879

March 15, 1879

Two Daughters of Tilmon F. & Annie F. Williams  [Double with Blanche Williams]

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