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Dunbar-Liverman Cemetery
(Alligator Lake Rd. #1303; Currituck Twp.)

This graveyard is located in the New Lake area of Hyde County. It is a secluded, locked, privately owned, and maintained site. It’s not easily accessible. The approximate GPS coordinates are: 35o 39’ 24.3” N - 76o 18’ 34.7” W.  In Memory Of, published in 1973 by the Hyde Co. Genealogical Society, showed 9 visible stones.  The newer tombstones for Benjamin L.S. Dunbar and Jane Elizabeth Dunbar were placed in the area were older relatives knew their gravesites to be.  Tombstones for Olivia Knight and Margaret Ann Smith were not found in 2009.  Photos were taken in April 2009 by Nola & Alston Dunbar


Birth Date

Death Date


Dunbar, Benjamin L.S. Oct. 24, 1837 Jan. 14, 1904  
Dunbar, Edgar L. May 12, 1912 April 29, 1953 North Carolina Pvt. Engineers World War II
Dunbar, James Thomas Dec. 27, 1870 Mar. 22, 1935 Husband of Maude E. Dunbar
Dunbar, Jane Elizabeth Oct. 12, 1851 Oct. 17, 1911  
Liverman, A.L. Sept. 17, 1861 Dec. 10, 1916 Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep.
Liverman, Edward R. Sept. 6, 1911 Nov. 3, 1911 Darling we miss thee.
Liverman, F. Jan. 22, 1815 Aug. 18, 1869 Father we cherish thy memory.
Liverman, H.H. Jan. 24, 1864 Dec. 30, 1918 Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep, From which none ever wake to weep.
Liverman, Mary E. Sept. 28, 1824 May 3, 1900 Wife of F. Liverman
unidentified broken stone