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Beulah Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
(Rd. #1141; Currituck Twp.)

Photo by Jan Orndorff

These few tombstones were photographed by Jan Orndorff in 2010.  This is a fairly large cemetery and not all tombstones have been photographed.  If you have any photos of headstones from this cemetery please contact me so I can include them on this page.


Birth Date

Death Date



Carawan, Alice L [Feb, 17] 1878 [July 14] 1964   Double with John C. Carawan
Death certificate states Alise Lupton Carawan was born Feb. 17, 1879
Carawan, Archie B. Apr. 23, 1912 Aug. 22, 1977   Double with Grace M. Carawan
Carawan, Grace M. Apr. 14, 1919 [Apr. 18, 2010]   Double with Archie B. Carawan  [see obituary]
Carawan, John C. [Mar. 15] 1865 [Feb. 24] 1950   Double with Alice L. Carawan
Silverthorne, Margaret Ann 1887 1962 "Grandmaggie"  
Silverthorne, Phyllis Ann Jan. 1921 Nov. 1921