Daniel T. Watts Bible Record

[Submitted and transcribed by Dan Griggs]
Original Bible was in possession of Mrs. Annie Flowers in 1974

 Marriage Certificate

Daniel T. Watts of Baltimore, MD
Annie B. Harris of Swanquarter, NC

At Thomas W. Harris Sr. on 29th day September 1897
In the presence of George R. Watts, J.M. Harris and others

[signed] Joseph Watson, Esq.


Thomas E. Watts Son of D.T. & A.B. Watts was born July 10th, 1898
Nellie L. Watts Daughter of D.T. & A.B. Watts was born Jan 23rd, 1901
Emma E. Daughter of D.T. & A.B. Watts was born May 12th,1903
Timothy Berry Son of D.T. & A.B. Watts was born Dec 24th, 1904
Joseph H. Watts Son of D.T. & A.B. Watts was born Dec 5, 1906
Sudie Belle Campen born Oct 11, 1914
Thomas Rossman Campen born Oct 11, 1914
Woodroe Wilson Campen born Aug 4, 1916
Annie B. Harris was born Oct 27th, 1878
McWaters A. Midyette Son of Dollie E. & B.R. Midyette was born Oct 28th, 1922
Grace Eleanor Midyette born Mar 18, 1924
Russell Adolphus Midyette born Feb 14, 1931


Thomas E. Watts Nov 2nd 1900 aged 2y3mo22da
Lena B. Williams Died Jan 9th, 1928
Dorothy Page Flowers Died Aug 1st 1928
Sudie J. Ball Died Jun 20th 1937
Walter S. Ball died Nov 23, 1940


Nellie L. Watts was married 20th Day of July 1917
Nellie L. Watts married on 20th day of Jul 1917 to R.F. McNall of NY
Lena Mae Flowers born Aug 23, 1921
Dollie E. Balle was married Dec 25, 1921 to Benjamin Russell Midyette
Betsy T. Balle was married March 8, 1922 to Carrol R Midyette
Shirley Gertrude Midyette was born April 15, 1923
Maxton Ray Midyette was born July 19, 192?
Annie R. Balle was born July 1,1907
Staton R. Balle born February 8, 1912
Cecil Loyd Flowers born Nov 7, 1926
Dora Dean Midyette born Nov 22, 1926

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