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Samuel W. Mason Bible
[Bible owned & submitted by Robert D. Mason (great-grandson of Samuel W. Mason) in 2011]

This Certifies
that the rite of
Holy Matrimony
was celebrated between

Samuel W Mason of Hyde Co N.C.
and Mary C. Midgett of Dare Co. N.C.
on November 23rd 1859 at Roanoke Island
by Rev. Abraham Twine
Witness: Robert P. Midgett, Rebekah Wise


This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony Was Celebrated Between Robert L. Mason of Stumpy Point, N.C. and Margaret A. Hooper of Stumpy Point,  N.C. March 15th 1891 at Shiloh Church SyPt.
.by Rev. J.A. White
[listed as I.A. White in the R.L. Mason Bible]


Zion E. Mason Was Born July 12th 1892
Zorada C. Mason Was Born November 5th 1894
Ann Louisa Mason Was Born August 16th 1896
Arosco Lee Mason Was Born September 13th 1899
Robert Clifton Mason Was Born March 8th 1908
Irma Gladys Mason was Born Jan. 26, 1911


Samuel W. Mason was born April 13th 1833
Mary C. Mason was born November 14th 1843
Sarah E. Mason was born September 9th 1862 [actually born in 1860]
Edward S. Mason was born February 5th 1863
Martha Mason was born May 12th 1864
John D. Mason was born December 17th 1865
Robert L. Mason was born October 29th 1867 [see his Bible]
Lenora Mason was born May 1st 1869
Frances L. Mason was born December 20th 1870
Mary R. Mason was born September 25th 1872
Susan L. Mason was born September 22nd 1874
William M. Mason was born January 29th 1877
Charles S. Mason was born June 18th 1879
Samuel E. Mason was born October 15th 1881


Edward S. Mason died December 2nd 1865
Martha Mason died December 17th 1865
John D. Mason died April 16th 1887
Charley S. Mason died September 22th 1887
Mary C. Mason dide November 17th 1892
Samuel W. Mason dide April 3th 1896
Lenora Mason died July 18th 1914
Sarah A. Payne died April 12th 1915
Samuel E. Mason Disappeared Fall of 1919
Robert Lee Mason Died June 7-1939
Mollie M. Meekins Died April 22-1953
Susan L. Hooper Died Feb 4-1959
William Martin Mason Died Aug 30-1963
Frances Mason Hooper Died Oct 10-1963
Original Bible had one more death page which has been lost.  Those entries were:
Roscoe Lee Mason Lost At Sea March 31-1919
Robert Lee Mason Died June 7-1939
Margaret Hooper Mason Died April 14-1944
Zion Edward Mason Died November 24-1956

No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research



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