John O. Marshall Bible Record

[Submitted and transcribed by Mona Marshall Prado, Wilson NC]
Original Bible in possession of Richard H.L. Marshall

Family Record of my father JOHN O. MARSHALL also record of my Fathers Father and Mother Brothers and Sisters and his wife and children Births and deaths and marriages


JOHN O. MARSHALL borned January 24th, 1818 Saturday morning 1/2 past 8 o'clock
JOHN MARSHALL my father borned Sept. 17th 1782
E.D. MARSHALL my mother borned August 30, 1794
MATTHEW A.O. MARSHALL my brother borned April 25th, 1820
THOMAS MARSHALL my brother borned November 13th, 1822
B.H. MARSHALL my brother borned Feb 25, 1825
MACEY E. MARSHALL my sister borned July 7th, 1828
SUSAN JANE MARSHALL my sister borned Dec. 30th, 1830
MARTHA E. MARSHALL my wife borned August 26, 1827

My children's records, births

MATILDA, daughter of J.O. and MARTHA E. MARSHALL  Borned April 29th, 1844
MARY M. MARSHALL their daughter Borned June 10th, 1847
ALEXANDER MARSHALL their son Borned Nov. 14th, 1849
ELIZABETH MARSHALL their daughter Borned Nov. 7th, 1851
MATTHEW A.O. MARSHALL their son Borned May 9th, 1853?
JOHN O.? MARSHALL their son Borned Feb. 23rd, 1856
SUSAN E. MARSHALL their daughter Borned July 24th, 1858
ALBERT MARSHALL their son Borned September 28th, 1860
ALICE MARSHALL their daughter Borned April 27th, 1863
WILLIAM P MARSHALL their son Borned July 23, 1864
ANABELA G.? MARSHALL their daughter Borned Sept. 15th, 1866
MACEY E. MARSHALL their daughter Borned March 2nd, 1869


Deaths of Brothers and Sisters and Wife and Father and Mother and Brothers and Sisters

JOHN MARSHALL my father died May 30th, 1833
ELIZABETH D. MARSHALL my mother died Feb. 23rd 1862
M. A. OUTTEN my uncle died Nov. 25th, 1859
SUSAN JANE SHIRWOOD my sister died July 13th, 1850
MATTHEW A. O. MARSHALL my brother died Sept 24th, 1864
MARTHA E. MARSHALL the wife of JOHN O. MARSHALL died Oct. 5th, 1875
JOHN O MARSHALL died Dec. 15th, 1871
THOMAS MARSHALL my brother died August 17th, 1877
MACY E. FLANERS my sister died Sept. 5th, 1895

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This certifies that M. A. MARSHALL of Beaufort NC and MARTHA A. WOOLARD of Beaufort County NC were joined together by me in the Bond of Holy Matrimony at WILLIAM SWAINS, Beaufort Co. NC on the 27th day of February April in the year of our Lord 1876
In the presence of
Acey G.? PEAL

[signed] Nelson WATERS, J.P.
Beaufort County, NC

(Copyright of Bible, July 1st, 1886)

2002 McGowan / Sheppard

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