William Benjamin Cutrell Bible
(July 2007 in possession of Norma (Rose) Bonney of Southern Shores, NC, granddaughter of William Benjamin Cutrell .  Various other records were also found in this Bible which are included on this page.)

That William Benjamie Cutrell and Annie Letha Blake
Were United by Me In
At Fairfield No. Car. on the 6 Sixth day of
April In the year of our Lord 1904
In Presence of the brides Parents & others
Signed Frank Blake, Paras Cahoons
Bob Carter Per W.B. Cutrell

Name Place of Birth Date of Birth Date of Marriage Date of Death
Mrs. D.C. Blake
[Nancy Farrow, wife of David C. Blake]
Hatress Jan. 26, 1858
[Tombstone indicates Jan. 26, 1854]
April 10 ____
[Marriage record indicates Apr. 15, 1874]
[Tombstone indicates Aug. 22, 1941]
Frank Leslie Cutrell Fairfield, No. Car. Dec. 22nd 1905 Dec. 22, 1926
[Marriage record indicates married Willie Mae Neal/O'Neal, age 17]
[Death record indicates  Oct. 13, 1937]
William Harvey Cutrell Middleton, No. Car. Nov. 2nd 1908 Dec. 18, 1926 [Tombstone indicates Aug. 4, 1965]
Bonnie Lillian Cutrell Fairfield, No. Car. Dec. 12th 1911 Sept. 15. 1928
[Marriage record indicates married Theodore Rose, age 18] See his obituary here
[Death record indicates Sept. 28, 1976 in Virginia]
Benjamin Duville Cutrell [torn & taped] Sept. 5th 1913 Sept. [unclear]
[Marriage record indicates married Mable Rose, age 19, on Sept. 5, 1933]
[Death record indicates Feb. 1981]
[taped] Cutrell
[Census records indicate this is Annie Mildred Cutrell]
Fairfield, No. Car. Oct. 12th 1915 July 26, 1933
[Marriage record indicates married Otiva Walter Berry, age 18]
[Death record indicates Sept. 8, 1997]  See her obituary here.  She is listed as Berry, Annie Mildred Cuthrell.
Selma Cutrell Fairfield, No. Car. April 8th 1919 [Newspaper article indicates married Malcolm Everette Mason on Oct. 6, 1938] [Death record indicates May 20, 1991]
Delma Dorris Cuthrell Beaufort, N.C. July 24, 1922 [Marriage record & newspaper article indicates married James Cason, age 21, on Sept. 12, 1938]  
Elma Allene Cuthrell Fairfield, N.C. June 6, 1925 [Newspaper article indicates married 1st to Harry Archer Nash in Jan. 1943 and 2nd to Henry D. Cason in Miami, Florida on April 10, 1970] Jan. 20, 1976
Thelma Norris Cutrell Englehard, N.C. July 5, 1927 [Obituary of Annie Mildred Cuthrell Berry indicates she married a Fowler.]  
Ivy Devon Cuthrell Englehard, N. Car. Feb. 3, 1934    
William Benjamin Cuthrell Fairfield, N.C. Nov. 20, 1885 April [6, 1904] [Tombstone indicates Feb. 23, 1964]
Annie Leatha Cuthrell
[name on tombstone is Annie Eletha Cuthrell]
Fairfield, N.C. Oct. 14, 1888 April [6, 1904] [Tombstone indicates Nov. 19, 1965]
Norma Eugenia Rose Englehard, N.C. Nov. 19, 1929 [Marriage record indicates married Benjamin Ray Bonney in Pasquotank Co., NC in 1945] [owner of this Bible]


Elma Alene Cuthrell Cason [died] January 20, 1976
Bonnie Lillian Cuthrell [died] Sept. 28, 1976
William Harvey Cutrell died Aug. 4, 1965
W.B. Cuthrell died Feb. 23, 1964
Annie Letha Cuthrell died Nov. 19, 1965
WIilliam Harvey Cuthrell died Aug. 4, 1965 [repeat]

1911 Delayed Birth Certificate for Bonnie Lillian Cutrell

1928 Marriage License between Theodore Rose and Bonnie Lillian Cutrell

1976 Virginia Death Certificate for Bonnie Lillian (Cutrell) Rose

This Bible record was scanned and submitted by Judy Merrell Brickhouse.  No part of these records may be used for any commercial purposes. However, please feel free to copy any of this material for your own personal use and family research.

2007 McGowan / Sheppard