Alonzo L. Credle Bible Record

I recently inherited a family Bible that was my grandfather's mother's as given to her by her mother all in Hyde County at that time. Most of these people are well documented in Hyde but I thought you might want to add the following as a resource.  /s/ Gary Mann of Atlanta, Ga.  [Editor's note: The below images are the best we could provide at this time.]

Bible inscription reads:
"Presented to Stella B. Credle by her Mother, January 24, 1887".

"United in Holy Matrimony Alonzo L. Credle of Hyde Co. NC and Lucie C. Swindell
of Hyde Co. NC on January 24, 1876 at Lake Comfort by Thomas Jones, J.P."


Alonzo L. Credle and Lucie C. Swindell were married January 24, 1877
Benjamin Jones Spencer and Lucy C. Credle were married______ [Dec 28, 1887]
Conrad Lyman Credle and Creola Mosell Mercer were married February 25, 1906
Little Samuel Midyette and Lucy M. Spencer were married Jan. 2, 1913


Alonzo L. Credle was borned September 4th 1850
Lucie C. Credle was borned October 30th 1858
Conrad L. Credle was borned February 13th 1877
Alonzo C. Credle was borned August 8th 1879
Stella B. Credle was borned January 4th 1884
Lucie Martha Spencer was borned September 22nd 1888
Benjamin J. Spencer was borned April 9th 1862


Alonzo L. Credle departed this life October 26th, 1884 A.D.

A Temperance Pledge taken by Conrad Lyman Credle

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