Source: Media Book from the Hoke County Libray   Not a complete list.

Not every Hoke Countian's name will be listed as some mustered out in places 
such as St Paul's or Lumberton. This record is shared by Dixie Gregory Simmons Contact: Myrtle Bridges 

WE PAY TRIBUTE Hoke County is proud to pay tribute to the many men and women of Hoke County and the surrounding community who helped win our great victory in World War II all over the world--in the Army, in the Marines, in the Navy, and in every branch of our Armed Forces Adcox, William Francis Akins, Robert Levant Aldred, William Carlyle Alexander, James Alexander, William Loma Almond, Ernest Adam Almond, John Wade Almond, Robert Lane Almond, Vance Delma Ammons, Foster Andrews, Horace P. Austin, Almond Devoe Austin, James Hinton Averitt, John Pershing Autry, Samuel Jackson Bailey, Richard B. Baker, Archie Kenneth Baker, George, McKinley Baker, James Edwin Baker, Leonard Allen Baker, Roy Jr Barefoot, Wilbert Paul Barnard, Conrad Barrington, Ebb Barrington, Robert Barrington, Walter, Jr Barton, Bruce H. Bass, William Joseph Baucom, Howard Atlas Baxley, James William Jr. Baxley, Malcolm L. Baxley, Paul Spencer Jr Baxley, Rudolph Leonard Beckwith William Rowland Bedard, Louis Vernon Bennett, Dayton Lenair Benson, Albert Sidney Bethune, George Gaither Bethune, Henry Buist Bethune, William Jackson Biggs, Henry McNeill Biggs, Lucius Angus Jr Black, Armond Daniel Blackburn, Thomas Blake, Jorce Thomas (this is the way the first name is spelled) Blue, Daniel Evander Jr Blue, James Thomas Blue, Neill James Blue, William Elery Blue, Woodrow Bobbit, William Boen, Carl Clarence Boone, William A. Boseman, Macadoo Bottoms, Raymond Clo Bostic, Bernice, Bland Bradshaw, William Grover Bristow, Archie F. Bristow, Burnie Bristow, John L Britt, Jennings Brown, Clarence Brown Earnest Julius Brown, James, Carlyle Brown, William Floyd Brown, Robert Lee Bryant, Wilton Bouyer, Earl Duncan Buoyer, Clayton Howell Burns, Clarence, Angus Burns, Grady Albert Butler, Jessee James Caddell, George L Calloway, Leonard Roger Calloway, Warren Cameron, Robert Lee Cameron, Herbert Turner Cameron, Hubert Alexander Cameron, Martin Turner Cameron, William Lauchlin Campbell, Alton, Lemmial Campbell, Daniel James Jr Campbell, Daniel Reese Campbell, James Milton Jr Campbell, Joseph Clyde Campbell, Malcom Haywood Campbell, Neill Leslie Campbell, Robert Lee Capps, Gilbert Curtsie Capps, Helen Carter, Norman Tery Cashwell, Harold Eugene Casstevens, Billy Joe Chapman, Ralph Herbert Chason, Colon Chason, David A Chason, Thomas Britt Chavis, Leo Marshall** Chavis, Ralph Hamer** Chavis, Russell Allen ** See photo & Obit Chidress, Reid Allen Childress, Reid Wesley Clark Halburt Glenn Clark Graham McPhaul Clark, John Howard Clark, Luthur Wilson Clark, Malcolm Nash Clark, Raymond Leroy Clark, Robert Hilton Clark, William Jr Clark, William McPhaul Coates, William J. Cole, Alfred Franklin Cole, B.B.Jr Cole, Herman P. Cole, Jack Cole, Jonah Hubert Collier, Erwin, G. Collis, George A Collins, James Conoly, Daniel Bruce Conoly, Thomas Wilkins Cothran, Charles Lee Cothran, Fletcher Pickler Cothran, Joseph Rudolph McPhail-Smoak McPhail, James Hoke McPhaul, Graham Currie McPhaul, Hugh Walter McPhaul, James Ernest Jr. McPhaul, James Leroy McPhaul, Malcolm Hugh McPhaul, Thomas Douglas McVicker, William Fred Maness, Charles Edwin Maness, Paul Franklin Maness, William Holt Mangum, Maxwell, Morrison Marks, Charlie Francis Marks, Hackney Edwin Marks, James Watson Matherly, Eugene Franklin Matheson, James Daniel Matheson, Robert Arthur Mathews Mary E Pope Mathews, Ufa Angie Maultsby, John Leonard Maxwell, James Neill Maxwell, Homer Archie Maxwell, Hughes Maxwell Jeptha McKoy Mayhue, Robert Mays, Marshall Golden Maynard, Oscar Craig Melton, Howard Neill Melton, James Alvin Melton, John Franklin Miller, Henry R.** Melton Julius Odell Miller, James Clifford Mintz, Jessee James Mize, Raymond W. Mize, Warren Thomas Monroe, Grahman Alexander Monroe, Henry Scarboro Monroe Tracy, Eugene Moore, Jimmie Moore, Otis Stone Moorris, Sam Cameron (that's how it's spelled) Morris, Bruce Morris, Reubin H. Morton, Ralph Moss, Hubert M. Moss, Randall Luthur Moss, Robert G. Mott, Robert Lewis Murriell, Joseph E. Nelson, Dudley, Thomas Nelson, George Roscoe Newton, Edwin David Nisbet, William Preston Niven, Berder G. Niven, Carlton Earl Niven, J.A. Niven, Julius Nixon, James Robert Norton, Albert Eugene Norton Bradley M Norton, Daniel Eulas Norton, Ralph Norton, Wade Norton, Zane Grey Oestreich, Roy H. Odom, Charles Edwin Oldham, Eulas Edward** Oldham, Lewis F.** Overton, Jessee Overton, Jessee Frank Parks, Earl Wesley Parker, Harris Parks, Herbert Alexander Rarks, James Chalmers Parks, John Hugh Parks, Kenneth Brown Parks, Leroy Parks, Lacy Edmond Parks, Ralph Duane Parks, Walter Clarence Parks, William Everett Parrish, Burian Pate, Johnnie Casper Patterson, Alex M Peele, Jeptha Franklin Peele, Catherine Flora Pickler, Henry Hugh Pickler, Joseph Max Pittman, Charles Alexander Pittman, George Pittman, Jack Pittman, Lawrence Brown, Pittman, Wade Douglas Plummer, Ralph Graham Plummer, William Evander Poole, William L. Jr Pope, Jack Patrick Pope, Howard Loxley Potter, Thomas Angus Powell, Harvey Robert Priest, Elisha Priest, Joseph Grady Quick, David Alfred Quick, Wendell Mitchell Quick, William Homer Randleman, Ralph Joe Ray, Arnold Ray, Dempsy Benjamin Ray, Gilbert McLeod Ray, James David Ray, James Robert Ray, John Calvin Ray, Samuel Lacey Reynolds, Harry Lee Riley, Jefferson Kermit Robertson, Martin Alvin Rhodus, William Henry Rockholt, Craig Wesley Rogers, Ted Roper, William Hamilton Rose, Carl Rose, Clarence Algie Rose, Heston Roper, Thomas Russell Rushin, Robert Earl Rushkin, Walter G. Sanders, Albert R. Sanders, John Howard Sanders, Paul Sanders, Luke Sandy, Collidge Sandy, Frank Sandy, Lewis Brown Saunders, Carlton C. Saunders, Marvin Marshall** Sawyer, Samuel W. Seate, Ambrose Holland Sawyer, Samuel W. Seate, Ambrose Holland Scarhow, William Floyd Seaford, Eugene Rogers Seagroves, Edwin Wilson Seagroves, James Wharton Seals, Daniel Hilton Seals, William Lester Scott, Woodrow Sessoms, Alexander Norman Sessoms, Malcolm Kelly Shankle, Burris Brown Shankle, Ivey Hill Sheppard, Everette H. Short, Claud Sides, Colon Spaine Sides, Paul Adam Sinclair, Tom Clark Singleton, Franklin Woodrow Skipper, Arthur Richard Slage, Robert Blackburn Sloan, Lacy Smith, Alexander McLean Smith, Emmett C. Jr Smith, Eugene Leonard Smith, Evander James Smith, Hugh Roswell Smith, James Archie Smith, John Archie Smith, John Alex & Smith, Julian Cameron are brothers. Smith, William Smoak, Albert Edward

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