Abstracted from pg #73 - History of Sandy Grove Church

Eddie Watt, son of S. J. Cameron & Margarette Cameron was born September 29th, 1882. He attended public school near his home, and also, the Raeford Institute. He was married May 6th, 1906 to Miss Sallie Powell of Crestview, Florida. In early life he professed his faith in Christ and joined the church. On June 17, 1917, he was made a deacon in Sandy Grove Church, which he filled with distinction to the end of his life. He was a successful business man, and was always ready to give of his ability, his time, and his money to his church. On August 15th, 1925, after an illness of about three weeks in the Highsmith Hospital in Fayetteville, his spirit took its flight to the God who gave it. On the following day his body was laid to rest at Sandy Grove in the shadow of the old church he loved so well. The great host of friends who followed him to his last resting place and covered the mound with flowers, speaks louder than any word, the esteem in which he was held by all who knew him.

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