1941 Newspaper Articles shared by Dixie Gregory Simmons
Myrtle Bridges    October 05, 2007

DECISION MADE BY EMPEROR AS JAPS WEEP (Associated Press) The New Britain Hearld-- New Britain Conn.
Domei Japanese new agency said in a broadcast recorded by the FCC today that "on Aug. 14, 1945
the Imperial decision was granted" and that weeping people had gathered before his palace and
"bowed to the very ground in their shame"
     The broadcast did not say what the emperor's decision was.
     Domie transmitted only about 130 words of the item and then broke off to say to editors "Hold
this item"
     The portion of the Domie dispatch on the "Emperor's decision" said Hirohito had felt "extreme
concern" ever since his rescript of Dec. 8, 1941, with which he declared war.

New York Aug. 14 (AP)--a noisy turbulent celebration gathered momentum in the streets of
New York today in anticipation of a V.J. announcement.
     Jostling cheering crowds increased by the minute--passing the 100,000 mark in Times Square
by mid-morning--, and a breeze-whipped blizzard of torn paper covered pavements ankle deep.
    Fireworks exploded over the heads of Chinatown's joyful residents who were joined by neighbor's
from little Italy in the quarter's jam-packed narrow streets.
     Church bells pealed and worshippers in unusually lage numbers knelt in gratitude. Rev. D.
G. Warfield Hobbs at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Fifth Avenue asked his congregation to "accept
in this mood the obligations of peace"
     The din of the celebration could be heard in Grand Central induction center, where the induction
process went on uninterrupted.
     "It's tough going in when it seems all over" some selectees said, but others agreed with Murray
Schwartz, 19, "Let's give the real veterans a chance to come home"

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