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Peter Monroe married Isabella Jane Cameron of Cameron Hill. Both were deeply religious and much
interested in education of a religious type. Mr. Monroe was an architect and contractor
in the early days of his life and a considerable portion of his work in that line
was the construction of churches and school buildings. He designed and built a court house and jail in
Montgomery County as early as 1845. Some time after that he built Pee Dee Presbyterian Church, in 1850
Spring Hill Baptist Church and Montpelier Presbyterian Church, Bethel in 1852, also in the same year 
Laurinburg Academy. In 1854 before building a house for himself he built Sandy Grove church, but
 had moved into that locality buying a house for a temporary residence. While engaged in erecting church and
 school buildings Mr. Monroe and his faithful wife were raising and training several sons and one
 daughter who were later to take prominent places in the Presbyterian church and in the work
 of education. The last church building of any note, constructed by Mr. Monroe was Galatia in Cumberland
 County in 1862. 

It was with unfeigned sorrow that the Session of Sandy Grove Church recorded the death of their beloved Brother and fellowlaborer, Peter Monroe. He died of cancer January 17th, 1888, in the 76th, year of his age. Mr. Monroe was an important factor and was associated with the history of the church from its organization, being one of its first Elders. He was fully in sympathy with its every scheme which had for its object the moral and religious development of his community.

Mr. Monroe was twice married. He had six son and one daughter, ( Left: Margaret Jane ) by his first marriage.
 The oldest son, Evander Monroe decided to consecrate his strong young manhood to the Gospel 
 ministry, but having responded to the call of his country during the war between the states, his life
was lost in February 1865. Two sons besides Evander served in the Confederate Army, C. A. Monroe and Dougald Monroe.
 These two with a younger brother E. M. Monroe after graduating at Davidson College and completing
 full courses at Union Theological Seminary, entered the Gospel Ministry, all three being licensed at the same time. 
 The next son, in order, A. C. Monroe, the only one who did not complete his course in college,
 settled at the old homestead after giving most of his life to teaching and was engaged in farming.
 The next son, J. P. Monroe, engaged in teaching for several years after graduation at Davidson College, 
 after which he took up the study of medicine and was a leading physician in North Carolina.
The one daughter Margaret J. Monroe, after graduation at Peace Institute was married to
 Malcolm J. Blue and located in Orange County, NC. 

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