Located in Hoke county (formerly Robeson) in the extreme southern portion of said county off of Highway 1108.

John McMillan, a Revolutionary War soldier, donated land for the building of Raft Swamp Presbyterian Church, which burned about 1822. This church was the predecessor of the present Antioch Presbyterian Church. McMillan / Raft Swamp Cemetery was begun on the site of the old church

Cemetery data is submitted by Robert McMillan of Alabama. Myrtle Bridges  Posted March 20th, 2000

John McMillan   a native of Kintyre Scotland   d. Jan. 7, 1807 in the 58 yr of his life. He was a pious man

Catherine McMillan   Consort of John McMillan    d. Sept 7, 1825 in the 80th year of her life. She was a good woman

John McMillan and two infant children

Murphy McMillan   b. July 22, 1824   d. April 29, 1847

Mary Ann McMillan    d. Nov 1, 1880 in her 44th year

Dianna McMillan    d. Dec 26, 1822 in her 48th year

Margaret Gilchrist (Peggy) wife of Gilbert McMillan    d. Nov. 6, 1847    dau. of William & Catherine Gilchrist

William N. D. McMillan    b. Feb 3, 1823    d. July 12, 1892

Gilbert McMillan    d. May 21, 1849

Barbara McMillan    d. Dec., 20 1892 in her 63 year

Catherine McMillan    b. June 25, 1820   d. May 8, 1862

Margaret Jan McMillan    b. Feb. 22, 1821   d. Sept. 24, 1902

Archibald M. McMillan   d. July 10, 1871    39 years

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