Abstracted from History of Sandy Grove Church - pg.21

In the Spring of 1867 the ministerial services of the Rev. J. B. McKinnon, a licentiate of Fayetteville Presbytery, were obtained. He had not finished his theological course, and preached only a few months when he returned to complete his studies. During his absence, the Rev. K. M McIntyre filled the pulpit very acceptably. It was hoped that permanent relations could be established with the gifted young McKinnon, but it was otherwise ordered. He had preached but a little while after his return when he suddenly heard the summons, "come up higher." On the 16th of April 1868 he was instantly killed by a stroke of lightning while standing in a store at Laurinburg. His last sermon before his death was preached in the Sandy Grove pulpit from the text,"I would not live alway." Little did pastor or hearers then dream that his earthly life was so near the end, that he would ascend so soon in a chariot of fire to the everlasting life beyond. Alas,"we know not what a day may bring forth."

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