Mr. John L. Campbell died in the service of his country, and his resting place is not known. He was a good man, and much esteemed as a wise and faithful church officer. Many from this church were faithful to their country's call, and went out never to return. Source: History of Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church

John L. Campbell, born in Cumberland County where he resided as a teacher prior to enlisting in Cumberland County at age 46, Jan 27, 1862. Present and accounted for until he died at Richmond, Virginia, August 1 or 19th, 1862. Cause of death not reported. Co. K. 38th Reg. N.C. Troops 1861-1865 Source: North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 - N.C. Dept. Archives

The 1850 Census of Cumberland County shows Peter Campbell 54, [son of Malcom] b. Scotland, Mary 54, Daniel 24, Sarah 20, Neill 18, and Angus Campbell 74, b. Scotland, Sarah Campbell 22, John L. Campbell 34, Margaret Campbell 36, in the same household. In Mar. 1860, with M. J. McDuffie as their attorney, John L. Campbell, Margaret L. Campbell and Sarah Campbell petitioned for a partition of land descended to them as children and heirs at law of Angus Campbell, deceased. They were tenants in common of a tract of land situated in Cumberland Co., adjoining the lands of Archibald R. Ray (Tailor) and John & Peter Campbell, sons of Malcom Campbell, and others containing about two hundred acres, more or less Beg. at the corner of an old 50 ac. survey on the E. side of the Bull Branch east side of Nicholsons Creek The appointed commissioners were: Archibald G. Ray, Angus Ray, J.D. McNeill, Duncan McCall and John A. McKeithan.
Sources: History of Sandy Grove - pg#24 / SCATTERED SEED - Genealogical Research Data of Southeastern NC by Myrtle Bridges - pg#153

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