Members of Fayetteville Presbytery
From Philippi Presbyterian Church Centennial Book
Contributed by Elaine Carr  April 4, 2004

Member Years Served
Archibald McQueen 1848-1851 wc 1860-1867 1868-1888
David Fairley 1860-1867
P. R. Law 1889-1906
M. N. McIver 1889-1906
L. A. McLaurin
K. A. McLeod 1889-1909
George Brown
W. C. Brown 1908-1909
D. L. Jones 1918-1920
Eugene Alexander 1917-1920
A. D. Carswell 1929-1939 (Philippi 10/1/23-1/1/40)
Frank Baun 1923-1940 (Philippi May 1943)
E. Donald McMahan 1939 wc 1940 ed (Philippi 6/11/44-2/10/46)
H. L. Hemphill (1943-45 Army) 1946-1947 1849-1960 wc (Philippi 2/10/46-2/10/47)
William B. Hayward 1948-1960
Robert O. Freeman (1956 stu) 1957-1960 1961-1971
Elinos Whitlock, Jr. 1961-1964 (Philippi 12/60-10/31/64)
Cortez A. Cooper, Jr. 1965-1969 (Philippi 1965-1968)
Douglas Kelly (1969 stu) 1970 AP 1971-73 stu (Philippi 1968-1970)
John C. Ropp 1971-Current
William Burnett 1978-1979 (Philippi 1978-1979)
Ben Ferguson 1962-1975 (1976-1983 HR) (Philippi-Current)
Tino Ballesteros 1983
Pinckney V. Love, Jr. 1983-Current


Charter Members 1888
A. J. Gillis                transfer Galatia Presbyterian Church
Dorcas Isabella Gillis		transfer Galatia Presbyterian Church
Mary B. McGill				transfer Galatia Presbyterian Church
Daniel Black				transfer Galatia Presbyterian Church
D. C. Gillis				transfer Galatia Presbyterian Church
Mrs. M. B. McDuffie			transfer Galatia Presbyterian Church
Evander Johnson				transfer Bethesda Church
P. P. D. Johnson			transfer Bethel Church
Mary E. Johnson				transfer Bethel Church
L. B. McFadyen				transfer Bethel Church
Julia A. Black				transfer Bethel Church
    and husband				transfer Bethel Church
Annie R. Black				transfer Bethel Church
John Black					transfer Bethel Church
E. C. McFadyen				transfer Bethel Church
S. P. Klapp					transfer Lumber Bridge Church
Sophronia Monroe			transfer Sandy Grove	
Gilbert McDuffie				

First Elders S. P. Klapp D. C. Gillis First Deacons John Black P. P. D. Johnson First Clerk of Session S. P. Klapp First Treasurer Neill Gillis First President of Women of Church Lena Koonce 1911 First Representative to Young Peoples Conference Lena Koonce 5/29/21 First Sabbath School Superintendent W. C. Guinn 8/17/24 First Renovation Pulpit moved to north end 3/15/42 First Revival December 1950 First Student Minister Ralph Underwood First Plans for Harvest Day and Ingathering 8/27/52 First Bible School June 22, 1953 First Woman Treasurer Laura Warwick 11/18/62 First WOC Honorary Lifetime Membership Ada Gillis 11/62 First Wedding Billy Posey to Mary K. McInnis 11/22/56 First Pianist Dixie Autry First Cemetery Chairman J. E. Wood First Homecoming Chairman Kate McInnis First Rotation of Deacons February 6, 1970 First Fulltime Pastor (only served Philippi Church) William Burnett 4/27/78 First Woman Deacon Louise Gillis Hord 2/17/80 First Woman Elder Louise Gillis Hord 2/3/85 First Woman Trustee Louise Gillis Hord 6/17/84

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