Who am I ?

Mary Lee has loaned this portrait to me in hopes of learning the name of the World War I soldier. She says: "About twenty-five years ago a friend had taken my two boys hunting. They were very young and told about having been in the deep woods of Hoke County and finding a run down, abandoned house overgrown with briars and such. The house was in very poor condition and actually falling in, but the boys couldn't resist exploring inside. In a very old oak washstand they discovered this wonderful WWI portrait and brought it home".

There were some old medical books and a leather bound ledger in the drawer also. The medical books were printed about 1923. The ledger shows the names of patients and the charges due the unknown doctor. Was the portrait of the doctor's father or grand father?

Even though she doesn't know the person in this portrait, it is very dear to Mary and she has taken very good care of it for many years.

Anyone who recognizes the handsome man with a dimple in his chin, is urged to contact Mary Lee or Myrtle.

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