The day was September 11, 1939. The place, the "Salvation Army Women's Home" on Lake Magdelene in 
Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida. 

A young woman in her mid-twenties travelled from Mt. Airy, North Carolina to the Salvation Army Women's 
Home for unwed mothers where she would give birth to an infant son. The name of the young women as stated 
on the birth record of her infant, which she filled out and signed, was Nina Lucille McCraw of Mt. Airy, 
North Carolina. She recorded, as required, the name of the father as being "William Laughton Cameron 
(middle name misspelled), age 29, marital status divorced, of Raeford, North Carolina". Supporting evidence 
was recorded as to the names of his parents and family; his father being "Sam Cameron of Raeford, North 
Carolina, brothers Alex and Charles (who was a lawyer and worked for the Governor), sisters being Nellie 
and two others". The cost of confinement and treatment was borne and paid for by Nina Lucille McCraw herself; 
a sum of $65.00.

After having the home officials contact a Baptist minister, who turned out to be Dr. Roy Mason of the 
Central Avenue Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida, the young woman discussed with Dr. Mason the possibilities 
of finding good Christian couples who would be willing to adopt a new born child. A number of couples were 
found and presented to her, which were scrutinized, finally deciding on only two couples. One would adopt 
"only" if the baby turned out to be a boy child. The other stated they did not care what sex it turned out 
to be; they would accept either and raise it in a Christian atmosphere. After much consultation with Dr. 
Roy Mason and Mr. & Mrs. James and Thelma Gray, Nina Lucille McCraw decided the Gray's would be best suited 
and allowed to adopt her unborn child.

At 3:30 P.M. on the day of September 11, 1939 Nina Lucille McCraw gave birth to a healthy baby boy who 
was promptly named James Mason Gray. Lucille met and became friends with the Gray's and shortly after 
giving birth was discharged into the care of Mrs. Leo Eldridge of St. Petersburg, Florida. The baby was 
turned over to Mr. and Mrs. Gray on September 28, 1939, but they were still officially responsible to 
H. S. Glazier, guardian Ad Liten for the baby, until adoption became official. 

There was  a case brought before the Circuit Court in and for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough 
County, Florida  on April 21, 1941; wherin the final adoption approval was granted by the court for the 
adoption of Nina Lucille McCraw's infant son by Mr. James Franklin and wife Thelma Mae Gray.

On February 3, 1944, for purposes unknown, an affidavit regarding the birth of Nina Lucille McCraw's infant 
son was prepared and signed by Louise Greenwood, R.N., of the Salvation Army Woman's Home. That affidavit 
was witnessed by Mrs. Alta Salisbury, Major, and Assistant Superintendent, Salvation Army Women's Home. 
For what ever reason it was done, it provided additional evidence of the birth and confirmed the birth 
records. It was officially notarized by Neel S. Yent, Notary Public.

Young James Mason Gray & Parents
My name is James Mason Gray and I am the birth son of 
William Lochlyn Cameron of Vass/Raeford, North Carolina 
and Lucille McCraw Samuels of Mt. Airy, North Carolina. 
I was adopted at birth by Police Vice Detective James F. 
Gray and Thelma Mae Gray of Tampa, Florida upon my birth 
at the Lake Magdalene Home for Women in Tampa, Florida 
on September 11, 1939.

My adoptive parents took me when I was born with no 
reservations and raised me as their own son my entire 
life. Today, my mother being 96 years of age, I am still 
regarded as her first son. They saw that I was raised in 
a loving Christian home, saw that I attend our Baptist 
church every Sunday and instilled in me the values I would 
need to become a productive adult. They even allowed my birth mother to be a part of my life from the 
time I was born, which allowed me to get to know my grandfather, Arnie McCraw before he passed away. 
No one could ever have been blessed with better or more loving parents. Due to their way of bringing 
me up, I graduated from the University of South Florida, got married, raised two fine sons and became 
an asset to my state as a leading historical researcher and writer. Though I may be by blood a Cameron 
and McCraw, I will always cherish the Gray's as my parents and thank them for the life they gave 
me and for what I have become.

I knew my mother all my life as I was growing up as a friend of the family, but never got to meet my 
father before he died. I found him and the Cameron family two years after his death. I did, however, 
through the postmaster in Vass, meet my Uncle John Cameron's wife Mattie Cameron in Raeford before she
Jim in 2004
died. I was also able to meet my half-brother Claude "Sonny" Cameron in Livermore, California 
and my half-sisters (Mary Blue Catlin) son when he performed in a ballet show in Selma, 
Alabama. I also met my half-sister Jane Cameron Williamson near Southern Pines.

I had two sons, James Franklin Arnie Gray (named after Grandfather Arnie McCraw 
of Mt. Airy) and Heath Charles Maston Gray (named after Lucille's husband Charles). 
James (Jay) had three daughters, Darian, Jayden and Alexander in Tampa Florida and 
Heath (Mason) had one daughter, Taylor Cheyenne just north of Birmingham, Alabama.

I can provide information to insure the Cameron-McCraw-Gray family line will always 
be available to future members interested in it for whatever reason. My documentation 
is valid, I make no false claims and seek nothing from anyone. I provide it only in the event future 
generations wish to trace the lineage to its destination. 
Contact:James Mason Gray 11 Corndale Street Loganholme, Queensland Australia, 4129  Tel. #617-3806 5759
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My birth father
William Lochlin Cameron
Sept. 17, 1906 - Aug. 21, 1971
My birth mother
Nina Lucille McCraw

Descendants of Samuel J. Cameron
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