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This Newspaper record is shared by Dixie Gregory Simmons

Myrtle Bridges     October 01, 2007

Old Antioch School in Antioch Community is gone now, torn down to make way for the water tower.

These students standing on the steps of the old Antioch School were members of the 6th and 7th grades in 1932. There is some question about when the last classes were held in the school which was torn down last week. Readers with information about the facility should contact The News-Journal or Sam Morris. The students shown here are from left (first row) Bertha McNeill; Ruby Biggs; Pauline Milley; Moultrie Quick; Ruth Stepson; Myrtle Chavis; Edeth Roach; Lette Smoak. (second row) Beulah Maness; Ruby Lou McPhaul; Alma Maness; Mary Ella Saunders; Louise Bounds; (third row) Archie McDiarmid; James A. Saunders; John Allen Jordon; Woodrow Gibson; H. A. McKenzie; H. L. McMannis; (fourth row) James Oldham; Paul Livingston; Myrtle Miller; Ruby Miller; Wendell Quick; Lloyd Gillis; Surry Cash; Sitting on left Henry McNeill and on the right Buddy Clippard. Top left R. A. Smoak. (Published in News-Journal August 30, 1984)

Chavis-Saunders Family of the Antioch Community. Photo taken about 1921. L-R Myrtle C. Gregory, 11 23 1918 - 4 15 1983, Bessie Mae Chavis 3 15 1902 - 12 22 1975, Leo Marshall Chavis 2 9 1921 - 6 18 1964 All are buried in the Antioch Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

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