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CAULDER    May 4, 2017
Hi Myrtle, I'm trying to reach living ancestors of William Henry and Edith CAULDER. They are buried in Robeson county. 
The Caulders are going back to that county. We going to have a family reunion on September 16 at Little Pee Dee state 
park here in South Carolina. Thanks Teresa Caulder  My number is 843 289 8322

BROWN - DUKE - GILCHRIST - TAYLOR    June 10, 2014
I have two aunts who are buried at Antioch. One should be in a marked grave but I can't find it; 
the other is in an unmarked grave and I'd like to locate it. 

My aunt, Lou BROWN, who died in 1961, should be in a marked grave but I have walked and walked the cemetery 
and cannot find it. I've attached her death certificate which shows burial at Antioch by the Stephens Funeral 
Home in Lumberton.

My other aunt, Katie BROWN, who died in 1964 is in an unmarked grave and I would like to locate it for the 
purpose of placing a headstone for her. I've attached her death certificate also, which also shows burial at 
Antioch by the Stephens Funeral home. 

I was present with my father at both funerals so it's not like there was some kind of paperwork error. They're 
there. I just don't know where. Finding their grave locations is the main purpose of this query.

My paternal grandfather, John A. BROWN, February 6, 1842 - November 5, 1912, is in the central part of the 
cemetery whose grave is next to his wife, Katie TAYLOR BROWN, October 9, 1849 - November 26, 1935. My uncle, 
Fred BROWN, May 8, 1878 - August 1, 1951, is in an adjacent grave. What I want to find out is who the parents 
of both my grandparents were.

Mainly, I am trying to trace the exact ancestry back to two relatives who came over from Scotland (in the late 
1700s, I think): one Mark DUKE, who married another immigrant, Jane GILCHRIST. My understanding is that both came 
into a North Carolina port, which I assume was Wilmington, and either together or separately traveled up the river 
to Fayetteville. I don't know if they met/married before the trip to Fayetteville or after; I'm inclined to think 
it was after.

My middle name is Gilchrist, and I have a table that is part of her legacy, but I have no idea where my relatives 
are buried or how and where they spent their lives. Any information you might be able to pass along would be greatly 
appreciated! I'm 72 and would like to have this mystery solved for my descendants. 
Many thanks,  George Brown

McNEILL    February 27, 2014
I recently saw your website that included some Hoke Co. Genealogy. I'd like very much to touch bases with you. My oldest 
known ancestor, Reverend Anderson McNEILL, was a slave in the area and the founder of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Raeford, 
NC. We've always known that Anderson's father was white, but we haven't been able to establish a connection with any white 
family in the area of Hoke Co. I'd like very much to see what info we might be able to exchange. 
Thank you!  Kelisha Graves, B.S., M.T.S  Fayetteville, NC  910-849-9314

My name is Melinda Aydelotte. I am looking for information regarding the State Sanatorium, McCain Hospital. 
My Great Grandmother died there in 1938. I can only find the most basic information. What I am looking for is something 
a bit more comprehensive. List of original buildings and when they were built, a more detailed history and possibly the 
location of patient medical records. I have been to the location and photographed it. What I could see beyond the barbed 
wire fences at any rate. I would also be interested to know who oversees the abandoned buildings now. I would appreciate 
any help. 

Also, I have a book about the family history of The Puppy Creek RAYS, my fathers family and it has been an invaluable 
resource. It is my understanding that copies were only sold or given to family members, so there are not a lot of them 
out there. If you know of anyone that might be interested in it as a resource, I would be happy to share any info I have. 
I also have photos of every tombstone in the Longstreet Cemetery on Ft. Bragg as well as a list of all the legible headstones 
if anyone needs that info. Thank You In Advance. Warm Regards, Melinda Aydelotte

McMILLAN / RAFT SWAMP    November 18, 2013
Dear Ms. Myrtle, 
My name is David Mason & I am helping a friend with her family roots. I noticed your name is attached to the cemetery 
reords of McMillan/Raft Swamp Presbyterian Cemetery (older records) Do you know if there are any headstones for this 
documentation ??? Thanks- David

CALVIN S. RAY    October 31, 2013
Good afternoon my name is Adam Ray Knowles and I was recently researching my family and came across your website.  
My father just today in fact was at the Antioch Church in Red Springs and happened to come across many of our relatives
head stones.  We are related to Calvin S RAY who was my great great grandfather as well as the Browns.  If you had any 
further information about church records or any other websites that could help me locate more about my relatives I would 
greatly appreciate it. Thank You Adam Knowles, 732-685-4722 

MARY E. ADCOCK GRAHAM    November 11, 2012
Can you help me to search in Cemetery-OB Maxwell Farm-Raeford, Hoke County, NC.   It showed one grave only.
I found it from www.findagrave.com. I believed that it was named Mary Elizabeth Graham (same dates as birth and 
death).  I believed that she was a first wife of Neil Cameron Graham.  Her maiden name was Mary Elizabeth Adcock.
Can you take a photo of her tombstone for me?

Mary F. Graham 
Oct 28, 1838  
May 15, 1882   
Buried Cemetery-OB Maxwell Farm. Ellen Reich

I am looking for a PATTERSON Cemetery in Hoke Co NC. I found the following on a genealogy website. Margaret GRAHAM 
buried 1830 Patterson Cemetery, Gin Branch, Hoke County NC. She was the wife of Daniel Buffalo PATTERSON. Any help 
will be most appreciated. Jean Holderfield

SAUNDERS    February 3, 2012
I'm looking for information about the SAUNDERS Family Cemetery, specifically about John W. SAUNDERS. I believe this was my 
great-grandfather. My father is Carl J. SAUNDERS, son to James Alex SAUNDERS. I'm looking for photos or family contact 
information for my extended family in North Carolina. Would you be able to help provide me with some direction? Please 
let me know. Thanks Nick Saunders

BUNNELL    October 28, 2011
Our family name is often misspelled, and one of the stones now at Oakdale uses the spelling BURNNELL.  Other spellings 
include the following examples:  BUNEL, BUNNEL, BUNNELLS, BUNNELS.
I'd like to locate some documentation, but failing that I'd like to place a memorial marker in Oakdale Cemetery.  I contacted 
a funeral home in Lumberton thinking they might know who controls this cemetery but they were no help.  Can you tell me who I'd 
need to contact in order to receive permission to do this? 
Thank you. John Grady Bunnell, Jr.  5901 Mount Eagle Drive, Unit 1105  Alexandria, VA  22303

GRAVES / COOK / McFAYDEN    February 9, 2011
I found one of my GRAVES kin in your Hoke county area.  Martha, called Pattie, GRAVES, daughter of Anthony Fleming GRAVES 
and Amanda COOK, married John McFADYEN.   Martha/Pattie was b 4 Nov 1888 in SC, died in Cumberland 15 May 1961, and was buried 
in Hoke County on 17 May 1961.  They had at least one son Archie Daniel McFADYEN b in Scotland NC, June 10, 1911, died Nov 3, 1962 
and is buried in Raeford cemetery in the M section.  So is his wife Sapho Barber McFADYEN.  Any info on this family greatly 
appreciated.  Thank you for your kindness.  Zelia H Cline.

McEACHERN of CHAPEN CREEK    December 9, 2010
You may have it under another name, but there is a McEACHERN Cemetery on the "Mill Prong House" farm that I don't see 
on your site.  It is located just west of Old Maxton Road near its intersection with Gibson Road  There is a locked gate on 
the Old Maxton side, and the only way I got to it was to come in behind the Mill Prong House and follow a dirt road down 
through a field.  I don't have a listing of the graves at the moment, but the guy from Red Springs who opens the Mill Prong 
house on the first Sunday of the month probably does.
What led me to you was a search for "Chapen Creek."  My mother, Billie McEACHERN (for whom Dallas Herring named his library 
in Rose Hill) found a letter in Wilmington that linked the McEacherns in Claddach on Islay, Scotland, to a John Clark whose 
address in 1820 was simply "Chapen Creek, Cumberland County."  If Chapen Creek was in western Cumberland in 1820, it would 
now be in eastern Hoke.  
Does Chapen Creek ring any bells with anybody in your circle?  If I can find Chapen Creek, I may be able to link my immigrant 
ancestor, Daniel McEachern, with Col Archibald McEACHERN and Mill Prong. 
Thanks for your assistance. E.M. McEachern, Jr., Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret) Virginia Beach, VA

WADE    November 14, 2010
I am inquiring about the descendants of Robert and Rosa WADE who lived in Hoke County in the 1880s and the early 1900s. 
They had the following children that I can remember:  Bert, Mary Corina, Tom, Alexander, Novella, Eli,Flossie just to name a 
few. I would appreciate this. There are some more  children but these are the names I know. Thank you very much.  
Sandra Wade, a Wade descendant.

HAYWOOD    July 5, 2010
I would like to find where my great Uncle, William "Billy" HAYWOOD was buried. Ancestry.com says he was buried 
in Quewhiffle 4 May 1935.  My uncle said it was in Montrose, just past McCain prison on right toward Ft. Bragg at a 
Methodist church.  Can you help? Jerry Haywood

Searching for any information on "Piper Daniel" PATTERSON who, according to Adm. Alex M. PATTERSON 
in his "Highland Scots Pattersons of North Carolina and Related Families", lived just inside Richmond 
County from Cumberland County. I want to know the names of "Piper Daniel" PATTERSON's wife and children 
and any other pertinent info on him. Thank you! Steve Edgerton

ADAMS   May 31, 2010
I'm looking for any information on my grand daddy James ADAMS.. He was a police officer/sheriff 
in Raeford, NC till his death. Carl Adams 

HAIR / MARSHBURN / NORTON    January 30, 2010
I am looking for info on Nathan J. and Bethany MARSHBURN HAIR. Nathan J. HAIR 
was born about 1840 and Bethany MARSHBURN HAIR was born December 25, 1851
and died February 7, 1912. She is buried at the Raeford Cemetery. They had the following
children: Robert, John, Lilly, Edward, Maggie, Nathan, William, Charlie, Mamie, Sarah
Catherine who married Joseph Daniel NORTON (my husband's grandparents), Ruth and
James HAIR. I would be glad to share info I have on this family. Thanks. Bea Norton
CONOLY    December 28, 2009
Cousin Jo Anne has created a new web site at Conoly Clan Home Page.
On the left side of the home page is the Conoly/Conoley History and below is a link to the names in the family 
history book. Click on the link to the names and it will bring up an alphabetical list of names with ID#, birth 
& death dates. Click on the link and search for your names and see if they are up to date. If you have information 
to share, you can go to the Share Your Inf. On the left side of the home page and download a form to update your 
information. Then you can contact the webmaster or Don Conoly for instructions. There are several thousand names 
listed. They are descendants of a Scottish family who settled in Robeson County in 1793. Don Conoly 

JOHNSON    August 26, 2009
I need information on Daniel JOHNSON birth 1736 in Scotland, death 1822 in Robeson Co. and his children.  I 
found his son Daniel JOHNSON 1778-1851 buried in Phillippi Presbyterian Church in Hoke Co.  His other children 
are John JOHNSON 1771-1790, Mary (Polly) JOHNSON 1773-1858, Peter JOHNSON 1778-1850, Angus JOHNSON 1780- ?, Alexander 
JOHNSON 1782-1867 and Nancy JOHNSON 1784-1822.  I believe they lived in the Rockfish area.  Any information would be 
helpful. Thank you, Debra Johnson Childers

PITTMAN / DAVIS   August 15, 2009
Hello. I am from the Outer Banks, and I am working on my family tree. My grandmother is originally 
from Hoke County, she was a PITTMAN.  Any information anyone has on Pittman Grove Baptist Church - both 
of her parents are buried there - or the Pittman's or DAVIS' of Hoke County, I would love that information!! 
Thank you. Carroll Lewis

I was wondering if you have ever heard of Sandy Hill Church Cem. I believe in McGlothlin. 
I know there is one at Fort Bragg but I believe there is another one. Thanks, Bonnie Seiler

I am looking for some ancestors buried at Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery or possibly a 
nearby McNeill family cemetery.  Your site on USGenWeb did not list their names.  
If I were able to visit this cemetery someday, would it be accessible and would there be more named 
gravesites than you listed?  A visit is a somewhat remote possibility as I live in New Mexico.  However, 
if I visited relatives near Charlotte, would it be worth my while to drive there? Louise Ludwick

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