January - December 2004

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BRYANT / HUX / KING    December 28, 2004
I am seeking information about William H. BRYANT. he would have been my GG Grandfather.
I understand that he was the Chief of the Cherokee Indian Tribe in Hoke County. He had
a daughter named Medora BRYANT who married Lert KING. Spelling of Lerk could also be 
Leart or Lurt. Lert Died 6 months before my grandfather and his twin were born in 1907.
I can not find any birth or death dates for lert or William H. BRYANT. William Bryant was 
married to Rebecca Elizabeth HUX. Her father was James Samuel HUX. I am seeking information
on them. I would really like information about the Indian side of us too. It's my understanding
that there were no birth or death certificates back in those days, so I don't know how to go
about proving my heritage and blood line. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.
There is also mention of Halifax County. My Grandfather's siblings were Bertha KING, Badger
KING, Caudy KING, Samson KING, and my grandfather and twin brother Elvert and Ervert KING.
Brenda Dain.

McLEOD / CURRIE    December 28, 2004
I am trying to find birth, marriage, school, land info. about my gg grandparents 
John Daniels MCLEOD and Amanda CURRIE-Mcleod. They lived in Robeson County approximately 
from the1840s to 1890s when they migrated to Polk County, TX in the 1890s.  Their daughter 
Virginia Caroline MCLEOD is my great grandmother who was born in Hoke, NC around 1875.  
They were of the Presbyterian faith. Thank you, John Pruett, Houston, TX.

CAMERON    July 15, 2004
I am the son of William Louchlin CAMERON of Raeford and Vass N.C. and Lucille Samuels of Mt. Airy. 
My fathers ancestors are buried in the cemetery at Sandy Grove Church. I once attended a reunion 
there and met many of the in-laws. 
I am seeking any information available on the CAMERONS's buried there, as they are my ancestors. 
I am 64, disabled and living in Australia; originally from Florida.
I was adopted at birth by the Gray family of Florida.
I am a long standing member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and am trying to document the 
family blood line for my only remaining son and grand-daughters. Any assistance you can provide 
will be greatly appreciated. James Cameron Gray.

VAMPLE/VAMPER    July 14, 2004
I am looking for any information regading the surname VAMPLE or VAMPER.My great-great grand parents 
lived in Blue Springs I believe. They were Andrew and Mary VAMPLE.If you find out anything please 
respond. Thank you. Tammy Vamper

CAMERON    July 12, 2004
William CAMERON, 3 North Carolina Artillery, Confederate Company G, Captain, film number M230 roll 6
John CAMERON, 8 North Carolina Senior Reserves, Confederate, Lieutenant, film number M230 roll 

One of these is an uncle and the other my grandfather. What I need to know is anything relating to them. 
I know one is buried in a small church graveyard that along with the church is now on Military 
Reservation property. I visited it when there some years ago during a reunion at the little church; 
which has been restored and I believe is on the preservation registery.

William Lochlin CAMERON from Raeford and Vass, N.C.  was my father; I was adopted at birth by a 
policeman's family, from where I got the last name Gray. My half sister, Jane Williamson, lives 
near Southern Pines and now runs a gas company there. Any assistance you can give me would be 
greatly appreciated. Sincerely, James Cameron Gray.

MISHOE    July 05, 2004
I am searching for the grave of William Carter MISHOE who died in 1950.  I was told he 
died in Raeford, N. C. while visiting his daughter and was buried there.  Maybe someone out 
there has seen the grave.  If so please e-mail Bonnie Gay. Thank you so much. 

BAKER    June 28, 2004
My Great Grandfather was Confederate Army Captain DAVID SCOTT BAKER.

That's all I was told. I was born in Hoke County and moved when I was too young to spell.

Anyone with any knowledge, confirmed or not, on this hero of mine, is
greatly appreciated.  Charles A. Boyle, Jr. Atwater, CA

RAY / LEE / McCRANEY    May 20, 2004
Looking for information on my grandfather Cecil Lynnwood RAY. Not sure about the spelling.  
He was born February 1906 and died December 1940. My mom was only 7 when he died and didn't 
know much about him. He was married to Sara Ann LEE and they had 3 children, Nannie Lee, 
James Alexander and Ella May. They lived in Hoke county until his death.  Cecil Lynnwood's 
mother was nannie Maude RAY. I do not know his father's name. Nannie Maude did not marry 
his father. She later married a man named McCRANEY. I would appreciate any help. 
Thank you, Traci Martin

McLEAN    May 13, 2004
I found John Malloy and Sallie Davis McLEAN in your listing of Spring Hill Cemetery.  
Has anyone done a recent survey of Spring Hill?  I am looking for their two sons, John 
and Archie McLEAN who were living in McColl, S C and Wagram when Sallie died in 1931. 
Any suggestion would be welcomed.  Ken Davis

McMILLAN    March 4, 2004
all from Maxton, Laurel Hill, Robeson/Hoke area. Thanks so much! Gil McMillan

NAI  Harvey Lindsay
999 Waterside Drive, Suite 1400
Norfolk, VA  23510
(757) 640-9463
(757) 640-8213 fax

EDINBURGH    March 2, 2004
According to the Roots Web site, there is a town or community by the name of Edinburgh in Hoke County, NC. 
We (us cousins) have a locket with two very old photos and we are trying to figure out which family they 
belong to. On the back of one is the following imprint or stamp:

103 & 125

Do you know if your Edinburgh had a street by the name of Princes? Thank you very much for any help you 
might give us, Sandra Farmer Wind Point Park 6553 State Park Rd 55 Lone Oak, TX 75453

PRESNELL / PARKS    March 2, 2004
I am attempting to find out any family history on my grandmother.  Her name was Lula Bell PRESNELL.  
She was born in 1890 and died July 1950.  She married Milton Hugh PARKS and had nine children.  She 
is buried at the Antioch Presbytarian Church on Red Springs Road.  I do not know her parents names.  
Any information would be appreciated. Thanks,  Sandy Parks

SANDERS / PHILLIPS    March 1, 2004
My grandma's name was Bertha Fay SANDERS(Saunders) PHILLIPS.  she was born Sept. 8, 1915 and died 
Nov. 24, 1973.  I know she was buried in Raeford cemetery, but that is it.  Would you happen to know 
how I can find the rest of her family history or anything.  My mom passed on Sept 29, 2002 and we hadn't 
spoke to each other in 24 years, so I am totally lost on family history.  I would appreciate any help.  
Thank you.  Becky Ferguson, Madisonville, Texas.

I am looking for information on the MCVICKERS, CAMPBELLS, LESLIES, MCLEODS, MCFALLS of Hoke County N.C. 
I would like to talk to any one who could give me some insite. I have a lot of information, but a lot of 
unanswered ouestions. Thank you Ellen McVicker Troyer

BRYANT / KING    November 3, 2003
I have just started searching my background. It is my understanding that Edgar BRYANT was the 
father of  Mittie BRYANT. Mittie I believe married a KING, who would have given birth to my 
grandfather, Elvert King, who was born in North Carolina.

If you have any knowledge or info...please email Brenda Dain 
or here. You could also call me at 757-410-5645 or on my mobile 757-572-6701. 
You can call anytime....thank you for your help.

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