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— Copyright 1998 Lawrence Bethune

Antioch			D2
Antioch			G7
Ashpole Institute	E8
Athens			G2
Barker			G5
Bethel Methodist	B1
Bethesda		F9
Big Marsh		G3
Burnt Swamp		E5
Carlile			B7
Cedar Grove		F4
Corinth			E9
Epresus			E1
Eureka			D5
Floral Coledge		B4
Fulmore			D7
Hanover			F9
Hickory Grove		D4
Hog Swamp		F8
Hopewell		F8
Lebanon			C5
Melrose (shown as a house)	C3
Morigerion		B6
Mt. Hareb		C6
Mt. Olivet		E10
Mt. Tabor		E4
Mt. Zion		F5
Mt.Elim			G8
Mt.Pielier Presbyterian	A3
New Bethel		F5
New Hope		D5
Philadelphus		D4
Pleasant Grove		D8
Pope			F7
RedBanks		C5
Regan's			H5
Saddletree		F4
Sandy Grove		E1
Smith's			H5
Spring Hill		F10
St. Paul's Presbyterian	G3
Ten Mile Baptist	G4
Union Chapel		E5
Unknown		A6
Unknown		B4
Unknown		C8
Unknown		D5
Unknown		E2
Unknown		E2
Unknown		E4
Unknown		E8	
Unknown		F6
Unknown		H6
White Pond		D9
White Sulphur		D2

Alfordsville		C7
Alfordsville Township	B6
Allanton		G6
Alma			B5
Antioch			D2
Ashbury			D7
Ashpole			C7
Backswamp Township	E7
Barnesville		F9
Big Branch		G9
Bluespring Township	B2
Branchville		B6
Britt's Township	F8
Brooklin		F10
Burnt Swamp Township	E5
Edgewood		H5
Edinborough		C1
Enterprise		H7
Gaddiesville		D9
Holmsville		E10
Howellsville		G5
Ionia			D7
Leesville		F8
Lumberbridge Township	D2
Lumberton Township	F5
Melrose			C3
Moss Neck		E6
Pates			D5
Philadelphus		D4
Plainview		C7
Purepolis		B3
Queensdale		B1
Raemon			A6
Red Springs		D4
Saddletree		F4
Shannon			D3
Shoeheel		B5
Smith's Township	C3
St. Paul's Township	F3
Sterlings		G9
Sterlings Township	G9
Thompson Township	C8
Tolarsville		H4
Wakula			C4
Whitehouse Township	E8
Wishart Township	G7

Aaron Swamp		D7
Ashpole Swamp		E9
Beaver Dam Creek	B1
Big Marsh Swamp		F3
Big Middle Swamp	B1
Big Raft Swamp		D3
Big Swamp		H6
Buck Pond		B3
Buffalo Creek		A1
Buffalo Swamp		C1
Buie's Neck		G4
Burnt Swamp		E5
Duck Swamp		D6
East Prong		C6
Flowers Swamp		G9
Gum Swamp		C4
Hog Swamp		F9
Horse Swamp		D7
Indian Swamp		F9
Jackson Swamp		H6
Jacob Swamp		F6
Jacob Swamp		F7
Little Marsh Swamp	F2
Little Middle Swamp	C2
Little Raft Swamp	C3
Little Raft Swamp	C3
Long Swamp		B3
Lumber River		A2
Lynch Creek		A6
Mill Prong		C2
Mitchell's Swamp	C7
Moss Neck		D5
Panther Branch		D4
Peter Swamp		H7
Richland Swamp		C3
Roundabout Branch	C8
Shoeheel Swamp		B6
Ten Mile Swamp		F7
Tonie's Creek		B1
Turkey Branch		F2
Warwick's Mill Bay	G7
West Prong		C7

Cotton & Saw Mills	
Ausey Cotton/Saw Mill	E3
Barnes Saw Mill		F9
Brown Cotton/Saw Mill	D4
Brown Cotton/Saw Mill	D4
Craford Cotton Mill	D9
Griffin Cotton/Saw Mill	D8
Klark Saw Mill		E1
McArthur Cot/Saw Mill	G2
McCormick Cot/Saw Mill	D3
McGeachy Cot/Saw Mill	G3
McLean Cot/Saw Mills	C6
McNatt Cotton Mill	F2
McNeill Cotton/Saw Mill	D3
McPhaul Cot/Saw Mill	D3
Oliver Cotton/Saw Mill	E10
Purvice Cotton/Saw Mill	F8
Rodgers Cotton/Saw Mill	E9
Shaw Cotton Mill	E2
Shaw Cotton Mill	G2
Smith Saw Mill		E4
Smith, S. Saw Mill	H5
Tyson Cotton/Saw Mill	G3
Unknown Cotton Mill	B4
Unknown Cotton Mill	C6
Unknown Cotton Mill	C7
Unknown Cotton Mill	C7
Unknown Cotton Mill	C7
Unknown Cotton Mill	C8
Unknown Cotton Mill	C8
Unknown Cot/Saw Mill	D2
Unknown Saw Mill	B5
Unknown Saw Mill	C4
Unknown Saw Mill	D7
Warwick Saw Mill	G7
White Cotton/Saw Mill	G5

Caldwell's Bridge	F5
Campbell's Bridge	B4
Col. A.J. McQueen's Br.	A6
Davis Bridge		E1
Fort's Bridge		E4
Gilchrist's Bridge	A3
Harper's Bridge		D6
Humphrey's Bridge	F5
Lennon's Bridge		H8
New Bridge		D6
Red Banks Bridge	C5
Sampson Bridge		E6
Smith's Bridge		H6
Turnpike Bridge		A1

Ashpole Institute	E8
Barnesville School	F9
Union School		D7
Unknown School		A6
Unknown School		A6
Unknown School		E9
Unknown School		E9
Unknown School		E10
Unknown School		F5
Unknown School		F7
Unknown School		H5
White Pond School	D9

Alma & Little Rock RR	C5
Barker's Cut		F6
Branch's Crossing	H7
Brickyard		F6
C. F. & Y. RR		E3
Carthage Road		C2
Desert (The)		F4
Fair Bluff		F10
Griffin's Bluff		G10
Hoke County Line 1911	A4
Ivey's Bluff		H9
Marion Road		D9
New Garden Road		D1
O. & C. RR		G6
River Road		G8
Stage Road		F8
Whitesville Road	G7
Wild Cut		H4
Wiregrass Road		F8

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