Meherrin Baptist Church Cemetery Interments

There are a number of gravestones that are difficult to read in this cemetery ~ Several had the last name CHITTY. A large square manmade stone post marks the left back corner of this cemetery [at the end of the back hedgerow] and it is now about six feet back in the overgrowth. There are probably many more graves in this overgrown area.

Gratefully acknowledging Susan Hamby for adding this information and remarkable photographs
to our first file contributed by E. Frank Stephenson, Jr. & Barbara Nichols Mulder.

Meherrin Baptist Church Cemetery

Armie Liverman & John P. Brittle

Benjamin T. Byrd

Bettie Sue Brittle

Celvin T. & Martha B. Liverman

Charlie & Mary Atkinson Vinson

Clyde Otis Vinson

Douglas Vinson III

Douglas Vinson, Jr.

Douglas Vinson, Sr.

Duncan & Virgie Chitty

Eldren E. Vann

Fannie Vann Vinson

J. Kindred & Maggie S. Vann

James G. Bryd

Jamie B. Liverman

Jimmy Carol Vann

Joseph T. & Lila B. Parker

L.E. Liverman

Luther Gary Britt

Mills Elwood Vann

Napoleon P. & Lecie Allen Britt

Rennie Edwards Vinson

Veronica Pauline Vann

Violet Vinson Vann

Wayland J. Vinson

William H. Stradley, Sr & Paula N. Stradley

William H. Stradley Sr [footstone]

Russell & Maggie B. Vinson

Russell Carlton Vinson

Harry A. & Nettie B. Stradley

Joseph Henderson Brittle

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This is a lone headstone spotted in the overgrowth off of Hwy 11 in Hertford County near the road. Traveling south from Murfreesboro on Hwy 11 it is located on the left side of the road a short distance from the Meherrin Indian Grounds.

Gratitude to Susan Hamby for this file & photo!

John A. Parker
Apr 30, 1860
Oct 26, 1924
"Here lies a man who tried to live right"