Worker:  Gwendolyn P. Hawks


Compiled by the Historical Records

Survey of North Carolina, 1938


Hertford County

Ahoskie, North Carolina



Location:  At the rear of the Ahoskie Presbyterian Church __ is just at the angle formed by South Main St., and Church St.,

__ the said town of Ahoskie.



[Transcribers note:  See Ahoskie Baptist Church Cemetery File]




NAME                                              BORN                  DIED                            REMARKS


Garrett, Thomas M.                         6-28-1877              4-22-1911         A member of the Woodman of the World group.


Greene, Letia J.                               5-27-1856              3-8-1908            Wife of W. J. Greene.


Holloman, Levinia                            2-15-1854             10-9-1912           Wife of E.(?). Holloman.


Jenkins, Mamie M.                           4-28-1863             6-8-1907             Wife of J. C. Jenkins\


Leary, Aubrey H.                             1898                      2-19-1901           Son of Stephen and Rebecca Leary.


Leary, Stephen H.                            12-3-1856             4-12-1909


Overton, Thomas H.                         No Date                 2-17-1913           Mr. Overton was a member of the Woodman of the

                                                                                                                   World group of Ahoskie.                   


Parker, Nellie S.                            7-22-1823                 9-3-1896             Wife of A. A. Parker


Scott, O. G. (Mrs.)                         No Date                    11-27-1902        


Waters, Hyman, H.T. (Jr.)             4-11-1902                  12-28-1905         Son of H. T. & Pattie R. Waters.


White, Jacob                                 12-12-1867                 4-20-1909         



NOTE:   2 graves were marked, [but marked,]  but so badly overgrown one could not read the inscription. 

1 grave marked since 1916.





Transcribed verbatim from the microfilmed record

Contributed to the USGenWeb Hertford County Archives

Marianne Cleveland Nichols ~ 2005 ~