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1584 Captain Arthur Barlow made written reference to the area that is now Hertford County, NC in his report to Sir Walter Raleigh concerning the first English attempt to settle Roanoke Island.

1585 English Colony based on Roanoke Island under the command of Governor Ralph Lane explored the Chowan River and the area between Parker's Ferry and Winton which was at that time a province of the Native American Chawanook, Meherrin and Tuscarora Indian tribes.

1622 A party from the Jamestown settlement explored the Hertford region in a third attempt to locate survivors of the ill fated July 1584 English settlements of Roanoke Island.

1759 Hertford County named in honor of the Marquis of Hertford, Francis Seymour Conway, was officially formed from Bertie, Chowan and Northampton Counties by an act of legislature effective May 1, 1760.

The first official court proceedings in the area were held at Cotton's Ferry. In 1766 Assembly Representative Benjamin Wynn donated fifty acres for a town to be properly established and it was briefly called "Wynntown". Shortly following the 1766 incorporation of the town "Winton" became the county seat of government as it proudly remains today.

Hertford County is an area steep in diversity and historic significance rightfully boasting an inordinate number of sons and daughters who's lives have made lasting and positive impact on our world.


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View of the Historic Meherrin River

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