What's New for Haywood Co., NC

02 Dec 2014
One corrected URL for Haywood County cemeteries, two more links to cemetery listings added
06 Nov 2014
New County Co-ordinator:  Dee Gibson-Roles
20 Sep 2012
War of 1812 Pensioners
16 Sep 2012
FL Pension Application referencing Haywood Co., NC
16 Oct 2011
Post offices and postmasters
Updated the 2004, 2005 and 2007 Allison Cem. Decoration Day
WWII Army and Air Force Fatal Casualties added.
06 Oct 2011
Completed combining Find-a-Grave cemetery links with those onsite.
25 Sep 2011
Began adding Haywood Co. cemeteries from Find-a-Grave.
Plott hounds (source: digitalnc.org)
04 Sep 2011
Link added to the Haywood Co. Postalmark Catalog (pdf)
01 Sep 2011
Allison Reunion, 2011 added
Vietnam Casualties updated
Old queries completed
20 Aug 2011
War of 1812 Muster roll.NEW
Old queries added. To be completed.
07 Aug 2011
Haywood County is completely restored except for old queries.
06 Aug 2011
Contributor's email listings on the copyright web page added.
New Photograph web page completed.
01 Aug 2011
Queries, Research & Surnames page added.
Haywood County resource page updated with County Clerk information.
31 July 2011
Korean War page completed..
The Confederate POW camp at Rock Island, IL page has been updated.
Update of Cemeteries completed and the Military Burials page updated.
Update of the Obits and Vital records pages were completed.
28 July 2011
"L" and two "M" cemeteries redesigned and the Military Burials page updated
26 July 2011
A - I cemeteries have been redesigned.
Search Engine by FreeFind added
23 July 2011
A - G (one to be added) & H, cemeteries have been redesigned.
Haywood County Military Burial Listings found on this site. NEW
Vietnam War Casualties added - NEW
19 July 2011
William David, Halyburton, Jr. ~ Medal of Honor Recipient NEW
Online Vietnam Virtual Wall - link added
Women in Vietnam - link added
17 July 2011
Relocation of the NCGenWeb Haywood Co. site went online. Web pages are now moved and new ones uploaded.
Korean War Casualties added - NEW
13 July 2011
1840 Am. Rev. Pensioners
11 July 2011
The NCGenWeb Board members and the newly assigned CC, Doyle Chambers and Temp. ACC, Jo, are working as quickly as possible to get the site back online. Please be patient.
What's New page added
Family photos, stories and reunions sites - reworking began.