AUGUST, 1814
Seventh regiment of Lincoln, Rutherford, Burke, Buncombe and Haywood.
Officers.—Andrew Irwin, Lieutenant Colonel Commandant;
William Cathey, First Major ; Nathan A. McDowell, Second Major.
John McClure, Captain.
Elijah Dever, Lieut.
John Dever, Ensign.
John Welsh
Joseph Cathey
Jethro Cathey
Christian Howel
Benjamin Hatfield
Jonathan Hains
James Campble
Andrew McClor
William McClure
Benjamin McMullen
Charles Evenes
Richard Clark
Abraham Eaton
William Goodwin
Lazarus Eaton
James Chambers
William Chambers
James McFarlaud
Bailey Fleming
Champ Langsford
David Elder
John Dillord
John Oliver
Benjamin Enlos
Edward Goiter
Jesse Enloe
James A. Ellis
George Peuland
William Rogers
James Williams
John Telley
Robert Fenland
Hirom Gray
William Murray
William Crawford
Josiah Crawford
Joseph Chambers
John Lord
Andrew McLeon
Joseph Dunn
John Bell
Andrew Bryson
John Middleton
Jonas Denton
Andrew Hopper
Jonathan Denton
James Peterson
Malachai Boland
John Middleton
William Watson
Johii Nelson
Henry Anderson
Martin Hefley
Nicholas Massey
William Montgory
George Hiffley
John Anderson
Isom Gurly
James Welsh
Hugh Donalson
Mark Colmer
Elisha Foller
John Mann
John Tollor
Samuel Corter
Samuel Robeson
Thomas Watson
John Watson
James Love
Loyd Heyson.
Major General Tliomas Pickney made a request for one regiment to march to the defence of the southern frontier of the Sixth Military District of the United States.
Orders were issued calling forth the Detached Militia from the following counties: Anson, Richmond, Moore, Cabarrus, to rendezvous at Wadesborough, Anson connty, on the 24th of February, 1815.
Also, to Ashe, Wilkes, Burke, Rutherford, Buncombe, Haywood, to rendezvous at Wadesborough, in Anson county, on Wednesday, the 1st day of March, A. D. 1815.
Of this regiment the following officers were designated to the command, to-wit
Andrew Irwin, as Lieutenant Colonel Commandant.
John McGimpsey, of Burke County, as Lieutenant Colonel.
Tesse Allen, of Wilkes County, 1st
Thomas Lenoir, of Haywood, 2d Major.
The orders were dated on January 25th, A. D. 1815.



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