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by Mary Lucia Allison Short
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Jarvis Harden Allison
Mollie Queen Allison
My father, Jarvis Allison, was born on his father’s farm on Jonathan Creek, June 19, 1883. This was the same home great-great-grandfather Joshua Allison built in 1800, and where great-grandfather Daniel Allison and grandfather Meek Allison were born.
Daddy's main occupation was dairy farming. In earlier years, he taught school and was principal at Saunook. He was active in politics and during one term as county commissioner the “new” court house was built. A cornerstone, now covered by a shrub, commemorates the event.

Jarvis Harden Allison--1940s

Mama was Mollie Queen (5-8-1886/8-26-1976), daughter of James L. (5-5-1854-5-9-1916) and Mary Noland Queen (8-15-1854/2-6-1944).
She and Daddy were married 12-22-1909, and reared six children: J.Q (Jarvis Queen)(12-17-191 0/7-23-1 975); Virginia (7-8-1912/7-29-1982); Carolyn (1-16-191 6/5-28-1977); Woodrow (11-3-1919/1-3-1992); Joseph(b.4-1-1 924); and Mary Lucia (b. 2-8-1 926)
My mother was educated at Weaver College near Asheville. She taught school at the Turpin’s Chapel (Maple Grove) until family matters required her care. Times were not always easy and the youngest ones followed her about as she did her chores.
Once a newborn calf was separated from its mother in a storm. Mama, carefully wrapping it in a blanket, brought it into the house and put the calf in the oven to warm, She gave it cooking brandy, and named it “Brandy”. It was a pet after that and would greet Joseph and me when we came home from school.
The farm at 1106 East St. in Waynesville was fairly self-sufficient. We had beef and milk cattle, pigs and chickens. There was an orchard and fruit that wasn’t canned was dried. We stored meat in the smokehouse, and kept dairy products in the springhouse. Apples, potatoes, onions and canned goods were stored in a dirt ceflar under the house.
Jarvis Harden Allison--circa 1900
As our parents grew older, and children moved away, few of these things were done. Only Joseph remained and worked the farm. He lives there today.
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