Founded in 1757 by Scottish Highlanders

This page shows only a small portion of the sessional records recorded for Barbacue [Barbacue spelled like this in original] Presbyterian Church. Although the original sessional book is preserved at Montreat, NC, only a few pages remain legible.    Transcribed by Myrtle N. Bridges.

After the above record, Rev. Colin McIver continued to minister to the church until his sickness in the 
Fall of 1849 which terminated his life on ····· of March 1850. In the meantime
Messers Daniel Morrison and Wm. McDougald were ordained elders. Mr. Daniel Morrison had been appointed
Clerk of the Session and had the Book in possession; but no further record is made. Yet it is know that 
several children were baptized - that the Communion of the Lord's Supper was administered several times 
and it is believed that several persons were received as members of the Church, but who they were is 
not now recollected.

After the death of Rev. McIver Rev. Daniel Johnson commenced preaching, say in May 1850, and continued
his ministrations until the close of 1851. But no record is made in the Book. However from a manuscript 
scrap of paper kept as a memorandum, we obtain the following, viz:

"May 19, 1850 were baptized by Rev. Daniel Johnson at Barbecue, Mary Ann and Euphemia, children of Malcom 
and Nancy Dove.

Barbecue Church. Sept. 22nd, 1850. Session met. All the members present. Opened with prayer. James S.[Steven]
Harrington and Mrs. Margaret Harrington, wife of William D. Harrington, Jun'r, were received into the 
Church on profession of their Faith. Session adjourned. Closed with prayer."

But it is also known that the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered at the time the above were 
received. Also, that at a Sacramental Meeting at Mt. Pisgah shortly after the above, Mr. Duncan McCormick
was received as a member of the Church on profession of his faith, --- to be transferred to Barbecue.
Also, that after previous notice, James S. Harrington, Esqr., was on the 5th day of April 1851, elected 
and ordained an Elder of this Church, and that on the next day April 6th, 1851 Session met and received Mr. 
Arch'd McCormick and Miss Flora Ann Patterson as members of this Church on profession of their faith, also
on the same day the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered. Mr. John McDonald to be transferred
to Mt. Pisgah. Also that on Sept'r 21st, 1851, Session met and received on profession of their faith, Miss 
Catharine Small, Miss Catharine McDougald, and Miss Susanna Campbell, and the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper 
was administered. All to be transferred to Mr. Pisgah; Also that Rev. D. Johnson baptized Sion Alexander,
son of James S. and Margaret Harrington. Also, Colin, son of Allen J. and Mrs. Catharine Cameron, Esqr. John,
son of Peter and Ann Jennett Darach, --- a child of Mrs. Bolton, and others not recollected, and Also received
Mrs. Bolton as a member of the Church on profession of her faith.

The above historical sketch is imperfect as would be irregular and cannot be expected to receive the
approbation of Presbytery; but from recollection and the few memoranda left, it is the best that the present
Session can do at this late date. March 1853.

Barbacue Church, Dec'r 1851. Rev. Daniel Johnson, after public worship, gave the Congregation notice that he could serve them no longer. Whereupon a public meeting was called, and the Congregation unanimously requested Rev. Arch'd Smith to fill the Pulpit, and appointed Rev. Daniel Johnson and James S. Harrington and Allen J. Cameron, Esqrs. a committee to forward the above request to the said Rev. Arch's Smith. In accordance with this request Rev. Arch'd Smith commenced his labors in this Church on ··· of Feb'y 1852. March 1852. Session met at the call of Rev. Arch'd Smith, the Moderator. All the members were present, opened with prayer. On motion James S. Harrington, Esqr, was elected Delegate to the next meeting of Presbytery. On motion Session adjourned to meet again at the call of the moderator. Closed with prayers. J. L. H. Clerk.
Barbacue Church. Sept'r 18th, 1852. Session met at the call of the Moderator, and opened with prayers. Present, Rev. Arch'd Smith, Moderator, and Messers James S. Harrington and William McDougald, Elders. Absent Mr. Daniel Morrison. Messers Duncan Patterson, Lemuel D. Cameron and Alexander Morrison, Elders of other congregations, being present, were invited to sit as corresponding members. Miss Mary Ann Cameron made application for Church privileges, and upon examination into her experimental knowledge of religion, was received as a member of the Church and entitled to all its privileges. Also, Mr. Malcom Dove and Mrs. Nancy Dove were received as members of this Church by Certificate from the Session of the Church of Fayetteville. Mr. William McDougald was elected Delegate to represent this Church at the next meeting of Presbytery. Session then took a recess until tomorrow morning, ten o'clock. Sept'r 19th, 1852. Session met according to recess. Present as on yesterday with the addition of Mr. Daniel Morrison [here 'Ruling Elder' was entered, then drawn through.] Mrs. Catharine J. Campbell applied for admission to the Communion of the Church, and upon examination was admitted. Her son, John Campbell was then baptized. Session then adjourned to meet again at the call of the Moderator. Closed with prayer. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was the administered. 2002

Note: (Corrections made June 09, 2009) The James L. Harrington mentioned in the Barbecue Presbyterian Church session 
records should actually be James S. [Steven] Harrington, my GGGrandfather William Dalrymple Harrington's older brother.  
They both served as Elders.

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