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Good morning, My Great Grandfather, B. F. Morrison, is buried in the Morrison Family Cemetery on Tim Currin Road in 
Lillington N.C.  I have been trying to locate the cemetery but have not been successful.  Could you please send 
information that will help me locate the cemetery or a contact person in Lillington?  My Mother, Betty Morrison 
McCaskill, and I would like to find the cemetery and help keep the area clean and cleared.  We found my Great 
Grandmother, his wife, Jennie Belle McLean Morrison buried at Antioch Baptist Church in Mamers, N.C.  Any help 
is appreciated. Thanks, Darlene McCaskill Bradshaw

I'm Douglas Morrison and I am direct descendant of Alexander Morrison who immigrated to the us from Scotland in approx 
1750. I am trying to locate Morrison Family Cemetery in lillington, NC. I've been on Tim Currin rd., but I had no luck 
finding it. Do you know it's location? Coordinates would be the easiest way to locate it but any information would be 
appreciated.  Best, Doug Morrison

Hello All,
I am the current Reference Librarian at Harnett County Public Library in Lillington, NC.  I am looking for someone interested 
in volunteering their Genealogy knowledge to our community patrons. 

I am looking for two types of volunteers:

1)      A volunteer who can come to the library once a week to help patrons with genealogy research.

2)      A volunteer who is willing to teach a class/give a lecture about genealogy (This would be a one-time event, unless the 
volunteer would like to come back).

If you could let everyone in your society know I am looking for a participant, I would appreciate it. Please let me know if this 
is something you are interested in or if you can point me in the right direction to someone who is interested. 

Best, Katie Whitehead, Reference Librarian
Harnett County Library P.O. Box 1149/601 S. Main Street
Lillington, NC 27546  910-893-6343

Seeking the name of cemetery SW corner Powell St and Glen Eagles Av, Dunn, Harnett County, NC. Kathy Maher Moore

SHAW CEMETERY    March 9, 2015
Hi, I'm doing ancestry research and have (I think) a relative, Mary SHAW, who's death certificate shows she was buried at 
Shaw Cemetery (see attached).  I'm trying to locate that cemetery.  According to the certificate, she died in Brown Marsh, 
Bladen, NC.  The only info I've found on the web, shows Shaw Plantation for sale in 1858 and it is in Harnett County, on 
the NE side of the Cape Fear River.  I'm thinking this cemetery was part of the plantation, but I can't find any information 
to substantiate that.  Can either of you shed some light on this plantation, or maybe suggest where else I might search?  
Thank you! Regards, Dorothy Shaw-Brown

SMITH   March 3, 2015
	Hello, I have been trying to find information on our house. I see your name on historical websites and thought maybe you could help me. 
We bought our house about 1997. There wasn't a recorded deed on our property and there was one made. We noticed on the top of the chimney 
was a date and name. "1903 The SMITHs". Some years later on a rainy day I see  another date "1893 or 1898".  
	The other day we found a lost dog in our yard and went to neighbors asking if they had lost a dog. One neighbor about 5 houses down 
from us told us that our house was here in 1880 when his father bought land and settled. He also said it was the "Old Joe's house". 
	Now I'm more curious than ever just how old and who built this house. We live at 8536 Christian Light Rd. Any answers you could 
give me would be grateful. Thank you, Marsha Mumma

WOOD / DOUGLAS   February 28, 2015
Lee WOOD was born in North Carolina around 1816. He married Sarah B DOUGLAS around 1854. 1870 Census has him living in Buckhorn, 
Wake County (now Lee or Harnett). I have not been about to locate any birth records, marriage records or death records. Any information would 
be greatly appreciated.  Ron Wood

SMITH / DAY   January 25, 2015
I've been searching for a very long time to find the parents of my grandfather Samuel Parham SMITH married to Lena Frances DAY; 
they were born c. 1890. He is buried in Lillington, I understand and he died c. 1930-1940. They lived in/near Fuquay Varina 
and may also have lived in Wake and possibly Johnston County. My mother was their daughter Mozell(e) SMITH born 19 Oct 1911/17
Samuel SMITH's older brother was (P.) Thurman SMITH b. 16 Jun 1884 d. 9 Jul 1963 at Four Oaks and he is buried there. His wife was Bertha H.
I'm seeking to know the parents of these brothers and hope you may offer some guidance. Thank you! Mary Duvall

STEPHENS / McLEAN   January 9, 2015
I'm a STEPHENS from Harnett County.  I'm looking for information concerning my great, great grandfather Elias Jones STEPHENS.  
His mother was Elizabeth STEPHENS who married Allen McLEAN.  Yet, Elias kept the Stephens name instead of the McLEAN name. Can 
you help me? Brent Stephens

MATTHEWS    December 16, 2014
My 3rd great grandfather James Henderson MATTHEWS, b. January 26, 1820 and died November 27, 1927, is supposed to be buried in 
Day Cemetery on old Buies Creek Road just south and west of Angier. I think he is the man that had a mill on a nearby road called 
Matthews Mill Pond Road. An attorney in Angier tells me he has evidence that the pond is now called Pope Lake near Barclaysville. 
I had no luck on NC Grave Finder.com. Can you help me find it? Thanks, David Wayne McLamb 

MORRISON CEMETERY    October 25, 2014
My name is Sandra Cummings Kelly.  My sister and I are attempting to do an ancestry search for our family.  In doing so, 
we have been led to the MORRISON Cemetery on Tim Currin Road in Harnett County.  We have been to Tim Currin Road several times 
searching for this cemetery but have not been able to locate it.  We were hoping you could give us directions to help us find 
the MORRISON Cemetery.  Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide. Sandra Cummings Kelly

HOBSON / BRANCH    October 17, 2014
Looking for any information about Addie HOBSON or Addie BRANCH who lived in or around Harnett County, NC 
around 1910.  I have her name on legal documents but have not been unable to find her in any census or other 
records. Thanks very much, Joyce Benson

STEWART     August 15, 2014
	Hi Myrtle,  I had attempted to reach Iris Brown from her ancestry page with the below message.  The email bounced and 
through looking her up, I learned the sad news of her passing.  
	On her page she mentioned a generous willingness to share her sources.  I am sending that email to you in the hopes that 
you have those...
Hi Iris. I found you through a google search that landed me on your page Descendants of Charles Stewart My maiden name is Lindsay Stewart (now Bridges) and I am trying to trace my Stewart line. Unfortunately I have hit an absolute dead end and need a little guidance and maybe a small miracle. I am stuck on my 3X Great-grandfather. I have looked for months in my spare time, which is limited. I saw in your tree that you had records for people in Alabama in the 1800s. I can't find any reliable records for Alabama in the 1800s. Can you tell me where you found information for that state and that time period? I am trying to get to the parents of my 3XGG, Charles Stewart, b. 12 Jan 1817. Most sources have Alabama as his birthplace, while some say Mississippi. Some where else I read that sometime after 1817 they moved the border around for the territories... So frustrating! To be honest, I haven't confirmed that. I see that your tree is very full and thorough and I had hoped that you fell in to the same ditch I am in at least once and can give me that small or large miracle I am looking for. Your Tree is incredible and I am green with envy! Lindsay Stewart Bridges, Austin, TX

Good Morning!! I live in California and am merely trying to identify the location of a cemetery in Lillington.  The 
graves are from the Yarbrough family, which my daughter is a direct descendant of.  Her grandfather said that there 
probably aren't more than 20 graves there.  He also said it was near some kind of natural gas or propane facility, but 
that was back in 1982.  I found the research page you already have, and I wondered if you might know about this cemetery 
or how I might be able to go about locating it.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know.  Thank you!
 Have a Great Day!!  David Hartman, Anaheim, CA   714-507-2702

MASON     October 31, 2013
I have reason to believe that my grt grt grandfather is buried in Strickland Cemetary.  Two of his sons are there. 
Do you know who may have a record of all those who are buried there including the unreadable and unmarked graves.  
His name was John D MASON, and any help would be great. Thanks very much, Craig Mason

SENTER / SMITH    July 13, 2013
Need an obituary of Margaret Jane Senter SMITH.  She was born Nov. 27, 1839, and was the daughter of Blake SENTER 
and Carrie JOHNSON. Her death certificate shows that she died in Buckhorn, Harnett County, NC January 28, 1932. 
She was widowed and her husband's name was Michael Archie SMITH (Feb 13, 1845 - Nov. 10, 1913).

The informant on her death certificate is Doctor O. SMITH (Jul. 4, 1875 - Mar. 1, 1949), Holly Springs, NC 
Margaret and her family are bur. Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery, Duncan, Harnett County. I do appreciate your help. 
Sincerely, Saundra R. Cropps Staff, Olivia Raney Library, 4016 Carya Drive, Raleigh, NC  27610 

SMITH / LIPSCOMB    April 20, 2013
The following names have been added to Barbecue Presbyterian Church Cemetery.
Smith, Roy Lynwood  March 01, 1902  February 17, 1969
Smith, Rosa Blanche Banton   June 04, 1909  September 02, 1980  w/o Roy L. Smith
Smith, Martha Ann "Mattie" Lipscomb   July 07, 1878  April 18, 1953  m/o Roy and Irene Smith

I am trying to find Martha LIPSCOMB SMITH's Husband William. In all the records I could find(Very few) it shows 
William as William H or William Henry SMITH. In the 1940 census, it shows that Martha(Mattie) is living with 
daughter Irene and her husband Randy Bates. Her marital status is Widowed. Having said all that, I found the 
gravestones of Martha Ann Lipscomb Smith, and a William M SMITH, b Mar. 15, 1869, d Aug. 15, 1937 (Which fits nicely) 
at Find-A-Grave, and their gravestones are cut in the exact same way. The stumbling block here, is the Middle Initial 
of M vs. H.
If I could get someone in their free time to see if these two gravestones are next to one another, that would 
help prove that they were a couple. Note: The M vs. the H could be a mistake, or William may have had a given 
middle name and a christening or baptismal name, which he chose not to use regularly?? (Ex. My Grandfather was 
David Edward Columbus Dryden. My wife's Father was Francis Joseph Rowley Goodwin. :=)
If you know any one that could help me with my dilemma, it would be greatly appreciated 
Warmest regards, William Mowbray

BARBOUR / BARBER    February 27, 2013
Learning where the family came led my father and I to decide to plan a trip to North Carolina 
together to do more research. My dad, Randall BARBOUR, will be researching his own family who comes from 
the Harnett, Johnston, Cumberland counties. We have traced the parental line back to William Parker BARBER, 
his great-great grandfather. Can you help? Jessica Armstead

BRYANT / LUCAS / BOLTON    September 25, 2012
I have been researching my families history for many years now and have compiled a book on them.
I feel the information is to be shared and would like to correspond with you about it! I am always looking 
for new information and photos as well!

George Washington Bryant born 1878, married Ida Lucas b.,1882. George apparently was a wealthy farmer 
(Moonshiner) and killed his wife in 1920. They had eleven children and lived in Harnett, County.  Annie 
Marie Bryant (their first daughter) married Lonnie Benton Bolton, Sr. They lived in the area and took care 
of the children/siblings left behind when George went to prison.

If you have any info to share about this family I would appreciate it and look forward to possibly adding 
my family history to your site! Thank you, Theresa Dragonas, Chesterfield, Va

TUCKER    September 11, 2012
I am starting a search on a Davy TUCKER, black, who was listed in the 1880 census of Harnett County, NC.  He was 
listed as 54 years of age; widow; children: Walter, Celia, JAKE (my next ancestor), Dan, Frances, Caty and Nancy; listed 
as a farmer.  Was he a slave; was he free?  Can find nothing further on him.  Any help would be appreciated. James Kmosko

JONES / TEW / SAVAGE    July 15, 2012
I have run into a dead end in my family research of the JONES and TEW families in the Sampson, Duplin, Cumberland 
and Harnett counties area. I hoping this will reach someone that has knowledge of these families or someone that 
is aware of someone familiar with these families.

The JONES Line starting with me.                   
Ron JONES 1943 – b in Roanoke Rapids           
Chester A JONES 1921–1994 b and d in Roanoke Rapids
William David JONES, Jr 1896–1960 b Roseneath, Halifax County and d Roanoke Rapids
William David JONES, Sn 1864–1916 b Speed Edgecombe County and d Roseneath, Halifax County
David D JONES 1841–1871 born believed to be Harnett County and died Speed, Halifax County. 
Daniel JONES abt 1812–abt 1863 b Duplin County d (MIA in battle in VA) Married Rebecca Tew 9/25/1838 in Cumberland County.
Elisha JONES may have been Daniels father

The TEW Line starting with Rebecca TEW: 
Rebecca TEW 1818–aft 1860 b Sampson County d ???
Marmaduke TEW, Jr abt 1775–1848 b and d Sampson Co.. Evidence indicates he was a junior and son of Marmaduke Tew Son of Sampson Co.
David D JONES was a Confederate soldier stationed in the Greenville-Tarboro area during the Civil War. He married a woman named 
Cindarilla SAVAGE from the Speed area in 1863 and returned to live near her family after the war. I am his 2nd great-grandson and 
have additional information from his family Bible and County records to tie him to the 2nd Co B Art and 51st Inf. He served in these 
units with his brothers Thomas and Irvin and his father Daniel. Irvin and Thomas returned to the Benson-Dunn area to live after the war. 

If anyone can provide assistance in this research please email Ron Jones or call 252-756-6834.

GILBERT    April 5, 2012
I am interested in any archived (newspaper) information you can help me locate on my deceased Grandfather.

Rex Archie GILBERT 
Harnett County 
Buried at Baptist Grove Church Cemetery in Kipling, NC 
Born November 25, 1915 
Died May 24, 1953 

Thanks for your help.  Besides kevin.gilbert@peoplefluent.com  I can also receive email at kevinogilbert@yahoo.com and 
do appreciate your help locating any articles related to his death around May 24, 1953.
Kevin Gilbert, Raleigh NC 
Financial Systems Analyst
Phone: 919-645-3662
Fax: 919-645-2952
434 Fayetteville Street Suite 900
Raleigh, NC 27601

   I have started back doing some work on a couple of my lines. One line may be in the Cypress Church Cemetery near the 
county line between Moore and Harnett (actually in Harnett). Do you have someone on your lists that has huge experience 
with this cemetery? You may call me at 919-434-6603 (cell). Thanks, Larry Matthews, Raleigh NC

MAYNOR - MAYNARD    March 10, 2012
I am the daughter of Jesse James MAYNOR born February 16,1933. He was born in Harnett County, Dunn I believe. When my 
dad went in the Army his last name spelling was changed  MAYNARD. His father was Jesse Gene Maynor and his mother was 
Dorcia Marie Maynor. Any information would be most appreciated.  Terry Walsh

STEWART / TUCKER / CLEMENTS    February 20, 2012
Myrtle and Iris, My name is Don Stewart.  I am a descendant of Charles E STEWART (d 1836) who married Elizabeth TUCKER 
and lived in Rankin County, MS in 1830.  The 1830 census indicates he was either age 30 – 39 or 60 – 69.  Many researchers 
have decided that the Charles STEWART, b 1779 to Charles STEWART and Elizabeth CLEMENTS, is my Charles E STEWART. Your 
"Descendants of Charles Stewart" posted in 2003 and updated in 2004 has no information on this Charles STEWART.  
Have you discovered any additional information on Charles STEWART, b 1779?  

I have been stuck at this brick wall for many years. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks. Don Stewart

PHILLIPS / LEE / POPE    February 3, 2012
I have been looking for my husband's family information. His name is David Melvin LEE, his great grandmother was Ana PHILLIPS and 
she is buried beside one of her sons - John POPE: A Mr. James Wright Jackson took my husband and myself many years ago to the gravesite. 
It was around Dunn, NC as this is where he lived at the time. He has since passed away, and I would like to go back and see this again and 
take pictures. Can you help? The story goes that Ana PHILLIPS never married but had at least 3 children but that she gave the children the 
father's last name. No one will talk about Ana PHILLIPS when they find out what we are looking for, not sure why. We have been told she 
had 2 children by a POPE and the one child by a LEE - My husband's grand father was Frank LEE, we have been unable to find Frank's father's 
name - the tale is he was a red headed traveling preacher and possibly a prirate. Preacher Jimmy LEE is who we coming back to, still not 
sure. Can you guide me in the right direction? Thank you for your considerations. Sincerely, Dianna A. Lee 

WILLIAMS    January 4, 2012
My name is Jeri  (Williams) Davenport and I'm from Iowa, I've been looking for my older brother and can't seem to locate 
him and his family. This is not an emergency, we just haven't heard from him since 2001. His name is Robert Lee WILLIAMS, birthdate 
8/13/64, he's married to Gail WILLIAMS (can't remember her maiden name), they have 2 boys Robert Wayne and Lacy Lee. Last we knew 
they lived in Benson, NC, before that in Dunn. If you can help me, that would be great, or if you could direct me in the right 
directions, that would also be great. There are a lot of people here that are worried about them, and we just want to know they're ok.  
Thank you for your help, Jeri(Williams)Davenport

RIDDLE / LUCAS / JARMAN    January 4, 2012
Searching for information on Gladys Florine RIDDLE (b. 3 Nov 1908).  We believe her parents were Lydia LUCAS (b. 1865 in 
Harnett Co.,d. Oct 1918 from flu) and John W RIDDLE (b. 1888, d. ?).  We have no iformation on John W. Riddle and according to 
the 1920 census, it looks like Gladys went to live with her step-brother after her mom died in 1918.  There is some family stories 
that Gladys was Cherokee, that she could 'stop the flow of blood' and could 'talk fire'.  Her grandkids remember an Indian ceremonial 
gown in her closet and also remember Gladys receiving a yearly check from the Eastern Cherokee tribe, but the tribe has no one listed 
with her name or birthdate.
Searches for John W. Riddle suggest he was raised by Pinkney RIDDLE (b. 1855, d. 1933) and Flora JARMAN (b. 1855, d. 1923) and that 
Pink Riddle was his gaurdian (and not his biological parent).
There are alternating family stories that Gladys was born in Harnett County or Virginia. Would you have any further information on 
the Riddle or Lucas family ties to the Eastern Cherokee tribe, or Gladys Riddle? Many thanks, Debra Lookabill

TUNSTALL / GOODWIN    August 19, 2011
Emily Diane TUNSTALL, b 1867, SC, d 21 July 1919,was married to GOODWIN, given name unk between 1880 and 1885 when 
she was commited at age 18 to State Hospital at Morganton, NC. She was already widowed by this age. She lived 34 years 
in this hospital and is buried in Broughton Hospital cemetery in Morganton, NC. Her small stone is in plot r21, g25. 
Does anyone know to whom she was so briefly married? She was with her father and step mother in Harnett County in 1880 
census at age 13. It is noted that she was from Anson County? Zelia H. Cline

McNEILL    June 24, 2011
I am trying to locate to email John B. McNeill who is the contact on the Descendants of Daniel McNeill
his listed email on this site is not working.  I am the daughter of Jack Whiting McKay, son of Daniel McNeill McKay and 
all of those Dr. John McKay, Dr. Johb Archibald McKays, Dr Joseph Foy McKays etc. are my direct line relatives...My great 
grandparents were Dr. John Archibald McKay and his wife Christiana Virginia Foy. My Dad is still alive and kicking at 
101 in Bham...still the best driver in the family. Could you help me locate John B. McNeill? I am so pleased to see 
all the online Harnett county files. I live in Mobile, AL. Thank You! Marian

JOHNSON    April 23, 2011
I am working on my husbands family tree and I have recently discovered that the JOHNSON line that he comes from is from 
Harnett County.  I am looking for any and all information regarding the Tapley Johnson Sr (d. abt 1820) family.  Any help 
is greatly appreciated! I am looking forward to any help I can get!  Thank You! Cindy Gordon

ROGERS / CHAMPION    April 06, 2011
My GGG Grandfather was Alexander ROGERS Born 22 June 1835 and Died 23 Oct 1898.  He married Lucinda Ann CHAMPION Born 1832 
and Died 1 Mar 1902. They both are buried in the Alexander Rogers Family Cemetery on his old farm on Quail Rd in Harnett County.  
I can find no information of the parents of both.  I was hoping that you could help.  Some have James William Rogers Sr as being 
Alexander's father but I don't believe this to be true.  If so the records do not support it.  Can you please help? 
Cary Rogers  1201 Woodland Ave, Monroe NC 28112

STEWART    February 13, 2011
Hello, looking for any information on my Great-grandfather John Watson STEWART. Oral history says John Watson had been a Pinkerton 
detective in SC and NC.  He and another agent handled robberies (specializing in bank robberies).  During this time frame, John was 
attempting to arrest 2 men wanted for robbery.  He had apparently located these individuals at a farm.  One of the men was white; the 
other was a black man.  One of them pulled an automatic pistol to shoot John, but the gun jammed.  When that happened, the black man 
grabbed John and held him while the white man beat John about the head with the butt of the pistol.  The men had dumped John leaving him 
for dead, but John came to and crawled away.  He came upon a fence line and followed it until eventually being spotted by a 13 year old 
girl who started screaming.  Her screams brought some adults, who got him to medical help.  He survived this incident, but it resulted in 
his having a metal plate implanted in his forehead. They say when he recovered enough to be moved, they returned to Jacksonville, FL to be 
close to family while he healed. My Great Aunt Kathleen was born in Dunn, Harnett County, NC on May 22, 1926 and the Family was in Jacksonville, 
FL for the 1930 Census. So the time frame of the above incident I think would be between 1926-1930.  Any information or guidance would be 
appreciated. Jason Joseph

HOLDER    February 8, 2011
Hi, an odd question please.  If you know of somebody who might have a better idea of the answer beside yourself please 
do forward my short email.  My family history goes back to the Holder family in Sanford.  In the 1940's and 50's children of 
my Great Great Grandfather, Allen Zimri HOLDER were attending the Sanford area local public schools.  People living in Sanford 
today have told me how small the elementary through High School was with only 2-rooms, etc.  But my Dad gave me several school 
yearbook pictures of family members.  These are obviously school pictures take of these people since they all have the same 
background and the photos are only about 2-inches tall and 1-inch wide.  Typical school pictures we got annually throughout 
my childhood.  For the past several years I have been trying hard to figure out where any old yearbooks might exist?  I've 
tried to query the local Lillington library and have performed multiple searches at the on-line library sites in the area but 
no luck.  I've even contacted several people from the school District but never received any answers.  One gentleman told me 
he would look and see what might be found but then never responded.  So I thought I might ask you for help in hopes you or 
members of the Harnett County or Cumberland County Genealogy Societies and the like might have some ideas?
Thanks so much for your time, Rob Burdsal

RICH / REACH    January 19, 2011
I am conducting a family history / research project on my ancestors. Several individuals lived and died in 
Lillington, Harnett county, NC area.
From several death certificates I have obtained many were buried in the family property of Zachariah RICH (sometimes spelled REACH).
Can you provide me any information on this family cemetery, location, etc. and any other information on the family in that area?
Sincerely; Donald Rich

Seeking information for Catherine JOHNSON, b. 1842, d. 1913 in Harnett County.  Catherine was the 2nd wife of Benjamin 
UPCHURCH; they were married after the 1870 census was completed.  Would like to discover her parents (her mother or step-
mother may have been a TURLINGTON) and siblings. Thanking you in advance for any assistance. Gwen O'Daniels

BAKER    November 24, 2010
My 2nd Great Grand Father was Alexander BAKER b. 12/11/1811 in Harnett County, NC d. 10/10/1901 in Gwinnett County, GA.
Several researchers belief he was born in Harnett County. I realize that Harnett County was not formed until 1855.
Any information would be appreciated. Huey Baker Jr.

WILLIFORD    November 14, 2010
I am looking for my great grandfather, William T. WILLIFORD (b 1860), his wife Christiana WILLIFORD (b. 1874), and their 
sons, Leon O. (b 1897) and John W, (b 1902). Are there any family records there that I can access that indicate my grandfather 
Leon's birth in (I believe) Dunn, NC in August of 1897? Any advice would be great. I am willing to travel there to look more 
deeply.  Scott L. Williford

MOORE    August 14, 2010
My great-great-grandfather, for whom I am named, was John Jackson MOORE. He was born on Jun 1, 1832, in Harnett County 
and died on Dec 13, 1883, in Harnett County. He was married to Cathren C. MOORE, who died in April 1902. I believe my great-
great-grandfather to be buried in Harnett County. Any more specific information you can provide about where he is buried 
would be most appreciated. It is my goal to visit his grave. Thank you for your help. John Jackson Moore III Richmond, VA

JONES    July 18, 2010
I am looking for the family background of Ernest Staley JONES. He was my grandfather who died in Virginia 
on July 4, 1965 and buried in Broadway, NC. His birth date was December 30, 1913 in Apex, NC. All I have about 
him is that he married Mary Alice Wilson from Broadway, NC. They had four known children, Frankee (F); Ernest Jr. 
(M); and Cynthia (F). Any assistance would be appreciated. Robert L. Knuth, Jr.

DAVIS    June 24, 2010
I am trying to locate information regarding the DAVIS family of Mamers. My grandmother's name was, I believe, 
Isabella Mac DAVIS, and she had a sister named Bess DAVIS.  I also think their father may have been Henry DAVIS.
Can anyone help me? I would be so grateful. Carol Jean Thomas

WOOD / HOLDER?    May 31, 2010
Mary Elizabeth WOOD wife of Riley B. WOOD died July 21, 1935 and is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery in Harnett County.  
According to her death certificate, her father is listed as "Elizth Hoider" and her mother as "Engelinti Harder".  I 
believe this is probably a mistake and would like to know if anyone knows who her parents are. 
Thank you  Lydia

THOMAS / COLLINS    February 13, 2010
My great-grandmothers name is Bettie Thomas, born 4/20/1868 and died 5/28/1921.  She is buried in the Antioch Baptist Church 
cemetery next to my uncle's grave.  His name is James Franklin Collins, born 5/30/1927 and died 6/3/1927.  He was born and died 
in Greensboro,NC and was taken to Harnett county to be buried next to his Grandmother Bettie.  Her tombstone is marked only Bettie.
My grandfather, Lloyd T Collins was born in Harnett county in either 1898 or 1900 (we think more likely 1898) and moved to Greensboro, 
NC sometime prior to 1923.  He married my grandmother in July of 1923.  The information on their marriage license has his parents, 
Jack and Bettie Thomas, as being deceased.  He used as his name Lloyd T. Thomas on his marriage license.

My aunt told me that Bettie had been married twice and that her first husband may have been a Collins, as my grandfather had his 
name changed to Collins sometime after 1923.  Bettie had 7 children - Ben, Atlas, Clarence, Worth, Lloyd, Pearl and Laura.  At 
least all the boys used the last name of Collins - not sure if the girls did or not.  Laura married a Douglas and I think remained 
in Harnett county.

I was also told by my Aunt that my grandfather had a cousin, Flora Baker Huff who was born in 1898, died in 1965, and is buried 
in the Antioch Baptist Church cemetery.

We have no information at all about Jack Thomas.  The gravesite next to Bettie's has a broken tombstone and we're not sure if 
that is his grave or not. So far we have not been able to access any birth records as they are not public record. The use of the 
names Thomas and Collins by my grandfather makes this very confusing, I know. 

Another relative is Laura Collins Douglas who lived in Harnett county.  I think she was born somewhere around 1880 and was killed 
by her husband.  Her husbands first name was Tate. She was a daughter of Bettie Collins.(Thomas?). Any info you could find about 
the other emails we sent would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. 
Brenda McAdams Brenda McAdams (864) 263-3058

McDOUGALD    February 09, 2010
I am looking at a NC Death Certificate for Kate McDOUGALD who died 28 March 1916, at Lillington, Harnett Co., NC.
It says she was buried at McDougald Cemetery in Harnett County. 

Any ideas on where this [cemetery] may be located? Thanks, Charles Carroll

WILLIAMS / LUCK    February 06, 2010
Seeking information, obituary if available on Woodrow Wilson W WILLIAMS who married Inez LUCK in Dillon County, SC Sept 14, 1940.
Woodrow listed his age as 22, being born abt 1918. His Last address for him 6429 Dove St. Norfolk, Va. It is rumored his parents 
lived in Fayetteville, NC. whoever they are.  

Inez died May 26, 1966 in Cape Fear Valley Hospital and is buried at Cross Creek Cemetery, Fayetteville, NC. 
Rogers and Breece Funeral Home was in charge.

Seeking kinfolks of Woodrow Wilson WILLIAMS in the Cumberland County area. Woodrow W. lived in Dillon County, SC on the land
owned by Luther Hunt during the 1940's. It has not been determined when he left during the 1940's or early 1950's.
Thank you. Helen L. Wiggins  Dillon County, SC

GREGORY    January 26, 2010
I am looking for an obit for Charles Everett Gregory. It appears he was murdered in his home Feb 16,1962
Erwin, Harnett County, North Carolina. Thank You. Vickie J. Glover

WOMACK / UTLEY / JONES    November 18, 2009
I live in NC and am beginning to research my WOMACK family history.  My great grandmother was Julia Isabelle "Belle" WOMACK, 
daughter of Benjamin WOMACK and Elizabeth UTLEY.  She was born 24 May 1855,  married John Anderson JONES, Jr., and lived in 
Fuquay-Varina, NC.  She died in 1929. Do any of you have any information on this family or suggest resources?  
Many thanks. Robert Britson

REARDON / KIRBY / IVEY / McDONALD    September 30, 2009
Hi, I have extensive genealogy info on Reardon, Kirby, Ivey, McDonald surnames for Harnett County and other counties in NC.  
Please feel free to post my email address for any people searching these surnames.  I am more than happy to share my 
info (at no cost) to any person researching my family. Thanks. Anna M. Herrera

STEPHENS    July 25, 2009
Looking for connection between Redding Stephens (b. 1826), Mac Guire Stephens (b. 1825), James Stephens (b. 1818), 
Paschal Stephens (b. 1802), Anderson Stephens (b. 1800), James Stephens (1794), Roderick Stephens (b. 1782). All lived 
in Cumberland County (later Harnett Co) sometime during their lives.  Anderson, Paschal, and Mac Guire moved to Wake Co, 
N. C., Redding moved out of the state (I forget where at the moment). Naming patterns suggests there is a close link.  
DNA testing has shown that Mac Guire and Redding are closely related. Roderick had males in his household that were the 
same ages as Redding, Mac Guire, Paschal, and Anderson.  Any tidbit of help would be appreciated. Sylvia Stephens

AVERY    July 18, 2009
My biological grandfather was adopted or "taken in" by Edward and Martha AVERY between 1907 and 1920.  
The story I have been told is my grandfathers real parents died of a disease and this is how he became apart of the 
Avery household.  The Avery's were from the Grove township area of Harnett Co.   I'm looking some elderly people who 
might still be living or living descendants of someone from that part of Harnett co.  My grandfather real last name 
might have been Branch but that hasn't been verified. Any help would be greatly appreciated. David Avery

McLEAN & O'QUINN FUNERAL HOME    July 11, 2009
McLean and O'Quinn Funeral are listed on a 1935 Death Certificate of a person who died in Harnett County.  
Does anyone have any information on who holds these records or an address that I can contact them for records.  
Thank you very much.   Lydia

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