Willie Jones of Halifax Co., NC




Willie Jones [pronounced "Wylie"] was born to a prominent Northampton County family on December 24, 1740. He attended Eton College in England and then returned home to NC where he married Mary Montiford, a daughter of Joseph Montiford of Halifax. Willie & Mary built "The Groves" estate in Halifax County for their home using many materials from Willie's parents estate "The Castle" in Northampton Co. The Groves was a gracious home that proudly displayed wood carvings from England and granite steps that were made in Scotland. Wylie who apparently enjoyed horseracing had a track built in his yard and had North Carolina's first bay window installed in his home giving full view of his track to watch the races. According to Sharon Kilpatrick, the Jones' had five children: Willie William, Robert, Anna Maria who married Joseph B. Littlejohn, secretary to William R. Davie during his visit to France; and Martha Burk, who married John Wayles Eppes, a Congressman, Senator, and judge. Willie Jones had a intense love for his family and for the people of North Carolina. He served brilliantly during the Revolutionary War and was a respected political figure and Statesman. During his later years he concentrated on his agricultural pursuits and passed away at his summer home in Raleigh, NC on June 18, 1801. For detailed accounts of his many remarkable lifetime accomplishments please visit the following sites:

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